Chapter 128

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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How to Control the Dribs Golems
The day after depositing various items related to the Dribs Golems at the Adventurers’ Guild, we once again received a magic carriage from Alizée and headed out for the Dribs Golems extermination.
The difference from yesterday was that this time, another magic carriage from the Adventurers’ Guild was accompanying us.
Observers from the Guild were on board.
According to the information told to me during the introduction, there were three Guild staff members who can defend themselves, accompanied by one ice magic user, and one lightning magic user, making a total of five people.
One of the Guild staff members will stay back as a lookout and emergency personnel, while the rest will join in defeating the Dribs Golem.
Doubling the force doesn’t necessarily mean we can defeat twice the number, and that’s the challenging part.
However, since today is a trial, we have no choice but to try.

Hoping that the area where we defeated the Dribs Golem yesterday had fewer numbers now, we decided to enter the forest at a slightly more distant location.
However, within an hour of walking, we found ourselves surrounded by Dribs Golems.

“Ah~ As I thought, the Dribs Golems surround the area before appearing.”

“It appears so. Lady Lily, please shoot ice magic from the treetops as you did yesterday. Tomoa, use lightning magic on the individuals further away from us.”



Dealing with it for the second time, we handled the situation without much panic.
Although Dribs Golems were faster among golems, their movement was still slow in comparison to other monsters.
To put it simply, there was a prospect of defeating them safely without causing a panic when surrounded, it’s a good deal.
In fact, the battle ended in about two hours.
The observers from the Adventurers’ Guild were initially flustered and unable to do anything, but as they got used to it, they actively participated in the subjugation.
Hopefully, they will believe that this is normal.

Now, with the recovery of magic stones and the remaining cores, the observers from the Adventurers’ Guild expressed their desire to fight against the Dribs Golem, taking the lead this time.
We had enough time, and thanks to their assistance, we have some leeway.
They seemed willing to share magic stones and cores with us, so why not lend a hand?

We moved parallel to the highway, avoiding the deeper parts of the forest.
After about an hour of travel, we were once again attacked by the Dribs Golems.
This time, the observers from the Adventurers’ Guild were accustomed.
They fired ice magic in all directions, while sending lightning magic to the distant individuals through the gaps in the trees.
The two in close combat—one acting as the destroyer of the frozen statues, while the other was attracting the attention of the Dribs Golem that were not yet frozen.
Since they functioned as a party, we didn’t have much to do.
There were some precarious situations, but they managed.

Now, as for the Dribs Golem magic stones, the number collected by us during the encounter was 746, and the observers collected 547, totaling over 1000.
In other words, this forest is densely packed with the Dribs Golems.
The observers from the Adventurers’ Guild handed us about 200 of the stones they collected, looking hurried, as they quickly returned.
They are likely going to organize a subjugation team at the Guild.
Our actions are an unknown factor in their equation, but it depends on the preferences of the Trade Guild.

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