Chapter 14

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“Pochi, paw.”
“Pochi, sit.”
“Pochi, fly.”
“Pochi, go pick the firewood.”
“Pochi, prepare for the night watch. We will be sleeping with Nii~chan.”
“Pochi, you are irritating so go over there.”

His treatment is terrible.
I could only tilt my head in puzzlement. For the Demon King’s children Iric and Ilya to treat a monster like them, Pochi, this terribly, while not speaking to me like that at all. In the first place, the way they look at us is different.
Even though they look at Pochi coldly, they are looking at me with expressions no different from normal children.
Did they acknowledge me as their guardian? Or is it just because of the Demon King’s last request?
Even after being together for a few days, I still find it a mystery.
I do believe that they are fundamentally good and obedient children, but they are obviously different towards Pochi.

“…… Iric, Ilya.”
“N? What’s up, Nii~chan.”
“Yes? What is it, Onii~san.”
“Tell me, why are you treating Pochi like that? He’s a monster, the same as you guys, right?”

The twins made extremely displeased faces at me. Even so, they were adorable.

“Nii~chan, don’t lump us together with this fellow.”
“Pochi is not the same as us.”
“That’s right! How insolent of you to lump us together like that! Prince, Princess, give me your permission to punish him.”

Pochi who started shouting got quiet after an explosion. The twins have not changed their habit of silencing him without warning. Thinking of cautioning the twins later, I ignored Pochi too.

“You are not the same?”
“Of course~ Pochi is an underling~”
“Yes, he is what is known as a low-grade Demon. We are high-grade Demons.”
“Low-grade and high-grade……? What’s the difference?”

I have no idea about the ecology of monsters. Beings that are not humans were always grouped together.

“I don’t really know~”
“Err, I heard the difference was whether they can freely control magical power or not.”

Rather than Iric not knowing, it seemed that he wasn’t interested. On the other hand, Ilya tried to explain with utmost effort.

“So that means…… whether they can use magic or not?”
“That is not it. It is magical power.”


…… What’s the difference?

“Magical power is the power itself. Magic is a thing to help poor people who can not use magical power with various things.”
“Ah, is that so?”

For Ilya to explain a difficult theory of magic, she really must have a good head on her shoulders.

“Indeed. I pride myself in water and ice. However, that is not magic.”
“Right. You have not used any chants after all.”

When humans are using magic, they absolutely have to use chants. The higher-grade the magic is, the longer the chant becomes. One needs to receive the help of a chant because of the difficulty, when I thought about it like that, I consented.

“I think Pochi would be able to use magic. But, his magical powers are not that strong. He can control it like Iric and I.”
“Hee~…… I see. You are so smart, Ilya.”

When I patted her head while avoiding her little horn, Ilya laughed shyly.

“U~ Nii~chan, me too~ me too~!”
“Ahahaha, yes, yes.”

While patting them warmly, I forgot about my objective.

Why are the twins so attached to me?

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