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Pochi’s day.
Morning, Pochi woke up in his cabin at the castle.
It’s Pochi’s own house made with the goodwill of the castle’s soldiers. It looks completely like a kennel. It’s just its size is a bit too large. You would think that it was difficult to build with its size that could host several adult men, but that’s not actually true. For some reason, the soldiers were having a lot of fun building it.
As per one of the soldiers “Huge creatures are men’s romance! He’s a dog, but huge is good!” … Incomprehensible. One fears that they were the owners of a special kind of a fetish.

I stretched as the sunlight poured from outside my cabin.

“Pochi~ it’s time for your meal~”

The castle’s maid brought me food. Even though there’s enough meat, there’s mercilessly too many vegetables.

Yesterday’s leftovers were accounted for. Pochi was treated like food disposal. Such title suited him well.

“Ungh, there’s no meat, lass.”
“There is. If you look for it.”
“I won’t see it unless I search for it!? Are you trying to deceive me!”
“You mustn’t be picky.”
“I am not a baby! Stop looking at me as if I was a spoiled child!”
“Can I pat you?”
“I refuse. I am Prince and Princess’ mount, so except those two… listen to me! Stop patting me!”
“Your fur is so good, Pochi~ I would also like a dog as big as yourself~ I am envious of Hero-sama and the children~”
“You phony lass, I am going to devour you!”
“Ah~ mofumofu~”
“Don’t bury your face into my fuuur!”

… Seeing Pochi being patted and tightly hugged by the cute maid, the witnessing soldiers ate their breakfast with envy. Pochi couldn’t struggle because of the collar with “various” effects.

After the meal, he put his disordered fur in order. Are you a cat? Aren’t you a dog? The royal magician who happened to see that was thinking such.

While enjoying the warm sun, the hero and the children visited Pochi. Today, the girl that was considered the Sage’s egg was absent. She was researching again.

“Good morning, Pochi.”
“Hmph, don’t show me your stupid face right in the morning. Were you properly looking after Prince and Princess, you bastard? You better not be slacking just because I was not there!”

… Pochi was sent flying around the inner court. This was the treatment Pochi received from the twin boy. This already happens every day, and when Pochi flies high in the sky, and the thoughts of each and every one at the castle were “Ahh, that child is playing with Pochi again.” At first, they were worried whether Pochi was still alive, but he immediately revived when they went to take a look, so they judged it would be better to leave him alone.

“Today is such good weather. Iric, apologize to Pochi.”
“…………… Sorry, Pochi.”

Monotone. Iric apologized with no sincerity like usual.

“Ooooh, Prince, you don’t need to apologize to me! You won’t become a splendid Demon King if you keep doing as the Hero says.”
“Is what he said, Nii~chan.”
“Nonono, you have to properly apologize when you do something bad. You don’t have to become Demon King either.”
“Iric, it would be better to listen to Onii~san rather than Pochi. Pochi does not say anything good anyway. Additionally, you can not trust him.”
“Yep! There’s no need to care about what Pochi says!”


Offering his fur, Pochi became a bed for the twins to bask in sun. Occasionally, the twins ask the Hero to read a book for them. The Hero’s gentle reading voice resounded around the inner court.
It was a warm scene, but that voice was soon stopped by the invading people.

“… Onii~san, Obaasan and the Princess are coming.”

When the twin girl muttered such, the Hero stood up, immediately took the twins in his arms and escaped from the inner court. At an incredible speed at that. He escaped at the speed that exceeded human limits.
When the sleeping Pochi opened his eyes, what he saw was the Queen——a former monster——and the Princess glaring at him. Pochi immediately sat in dogeza.

“… They are not here.”
“… It appears that they escaped… their detection of presence gets sharper day by day… as expected of them.”


Scary. Ignoring Pochi, the girls left the inner court.

“… Those fellows… they get more similar to apparitions every single day…”

A pillar of flame hit the muttering Pochi from who knows where. It was the Queen.

Lunch. His slightly burned fur was patted by the maid again. Patted and patted. In fact, because the maid was quite popular with the soldiers, the intent to kill Pochi rose within them. Unreasonable.

After the meal. Pochi maintained his disordered fur. Dog? Cat? I can’t solve the mystery. (No, he’s a monster, alright?)

Afternoon. The Sage’s egg visited him. She was walking over with a tawny plate in her hands. Just what is it? The guessing Pochi lowered his head and took a vigilant posture. The Sage’s egg opposing him smiled fakely.

“Lass, just what did you make this time… another instant poison? Stop trying already. You have no talent in cooking!”
“That’s not true. It’s fine, it will be fine this time.”
“You fool, I can already smell that the flavor is off! Bitter! Pungent! Don’t bring that plate near me!!”
“I tried baking a chocolate cake, fufufu.”
“I told you not to approach me!”
“Lay down.”

Because of the collar’s effect, Pochi had to lie down. The Sage’s egg scooped out a mysterious object from the plate and presented it to Pochi who couldn’t move.

“Say ahh~”
“There’s no way I am going to eat that, you basta-”

Even before he could finish, the spoon was thrust into his mouth. Even though he wouldn’t have to eat it if he didn’t open his mouth. Pochi never learns.

“……………… Since you didn’t faint, it means that I made progress a little, no?”
“………… W, well, I will surely get better by continuing my practice!”
“I will leave the next one to you as well, Pochi♪”

Afternoon. The inner court was quiet. Did he perhaps really die? When the worried soldiers came to look, Pochi stuck out his tongue.

“Ooooy!? I, is he dead!?”
“He’s alive… he’s only paralyzed… that lass… the toxicity of the things she makes keep increasing…”
“You… are really sturdy… Pochi.”

The soldiers were admiring that Pochi survived after eating a mouthful of that unknown object. The people of the castle have already recognized that what the Sage’s egg is cooking can’t be considered food anymore.


“… I can’t tell the taste…”
“Even after drinking water?”
“I can’t tell… hey lass, did I not tell you not to pat me?”
“Mofumofu~ aah, such a nice fur~”

After the meal. Pochi entered his kennel without being able to repair his fur. The power of the ultimate weapon the Sage’s egg made is not a laughing matter. Frightening.

Night. Pochi retired to the bed with no strength. Sometimes, he has nightmares. He recalls the flavors. A pitiful thing.

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