Chapter 52

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Yuuya let out a huge sigh.
The High Priest stood in front of him. The temple’s most important person.
Yuuya, who came to meet such a great person by himself… let out a deep sigh.

“U, umm.”

Before he could ask him what business does he have with him, the High Priest was looking at him.

“You read the letter, have you not? You had understood its contents, right? That’s why you have visited the temple, no?”
“Y, yes…”

Yuuya felt scared for some reason. It must be because of the soul of his heart. He’s raising the Demon King’s children. Yuuya believes from the bottom of his heart that it’s not anything shameful. The twins are still children. He believes that he can raise them into honest humans… honest monsters.

“I wrote that you should bring your companions with you, no?”
“Y, yes.”

His throat felt stiff. In a sense, he was more nervous than when reporting to His Majesty. Yuuya felt that storming into the Demon King’s castle was much easier than this.
He couldn’t be careless with his words. It was for the future of the twins.

——If it comes to it, I will escape even if it means being branded as a traitor. Without injuring anyone, but myself in the process… I will protect the twins.

Yuuya who made such pledge for the x-th time since leaving the Demon King’s castle wasn’t wavering.

“Oh well, it’s fine. Yeah. I was expecting you to be vigilant, in a way.”

The High Priest was quickly convinced. Looking at Yuuya’s eyes, he understood what he wanted to say. The eyes of this naughty grandson were the same as his grandfather’s. He had seen them before.
He had seen Yuuya’s real grandfather looking at Yuuya with the same kind of eyes before.
What a troubling child, but it can’t be helped since he’s so adorable. It was that kind of eyes.


Huh? Is this person not an enemy by any chance? Nono, it’s still too early to make a judgment. I mean, this person is the High Priest, you know? He serves the God, you know? He’s the temple’s most important person. Isn’t the Demon King his enemy? No, saying it like that, I am the same. I became a Hero in order to defeat the Demon King, so it can be said that I am the natural enemy of the Demon King. Isn’t it like that? Just what is going on??

“Do you perhaps not remember me?”
“I had played with you when you were young.”
“I am a former companion of your grandpa. I occasionally came over to play. Well, I have been busy recently, so we only spoke through the long-distance communication item, though.”
“Ah, eh? Eeeeeh!?”


The temple’s most important person is grandpa’s former companion!?

“Ah… aaaaaaah~!”

I ended up pointing my finger at him without thinking. Even though it was extremely rude, my body moved on its own.
I couldn’t recognize him because of the important-looking priest clothes he was wearing, but it’s the uncle that often came to drink tea with grandpa when I was little.
He’s the person I recalled just before coming to the temple.

“The uncle from the temple who was Jiichan’s tea-drinking buddy!?”
“Yeah, looks like you finally remembered. You had no reaction when you saw me in the castle, so I was really down thinking that you completely forgot about me.”
“I, I am sorry! I remember now!!”

Yuuya blushed.
They really were acquiantances.

“You are wearing priest attire, so I didn’t recognize you…”
“These make me look important, after all. I don’t like wearing them much, you know? They don’t suit me, right? I originally like plain and sturdy clothes more. I would get scolded by the believers if I wore those since I would apparently have no dignity as the High Priest.”

Yep, he had not changed, Yuuya was convinced. He truly was grandpa’s tea-drinking buddy. He’s the uncle that would always laugh ‘hoho~n’ when drinking tea with grandpa.
He was that person who spent time leisurely in farmer’s clothes with grandpa.

“The priests of the Goddess of Colors or God of Rainbows aside, why does the priest of the Goddess of Harvest need to dress gaudily, I wonder? It’s troublesome, but I need to keep up appearances.”
“H, haah…”
“Ah, we have strayed away from the topic, didn’t we?”
“Eh, ah, yes.”

Ahem, clearing his throat, the High Priest declared.

“I will go right to the point.”
“Ye, s.”

The real issue.
Yuuya’s body was under pressure. The High Priest certainly is his acquaintance. However, not necessarily an ally…

“Return to the countryside with everyone.”


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