Chapter 15

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At last, we have arrived at a human village. We were able to shorten the time quite a lot thanks to Pochi. He would occasionally look at me with the eyes of a starving wild beast, so I can’t say that he’s a good companion though.
Leaving the children and Pochi wait outside, I quickly entered the small village.
First, I need to secure clothes for the twins. After that, seasonings and food. With Pochi tagging along, getting by has become difficult. Pochi was looking for his own prey at first, but he snatched my food one time and has been desiring my cooking since then. Except, because his body is so large, he’s extremely irritating.
I want to convert the treasure I obtained in the Demon King’s castle. That would be difficult in a small village like this.
If it’s not a big town, converting the variety of treasure would be difficult. Next objective would be converting the treasure into money for our living expenses.
It doesn’t have to be the Capital, as conversion would be possible in a popular trade town. I would like to lead a stable life somewhere, but I am with the Demon King’s children after all.
Pochi aside, the twins are children of the Demon King, so they are advanced-level monsters possessing powerful strength. Living near a human habitat might prove to be difficult.
…… Just what do I want to do? I couldn’t leave them alone and brought them with me, but I have no experience in raising children.
Having said that, they are the children of the Demon King, I couldn’t entrust them to someone else. Even with the slightest spur of the moment, were they to raise a quarrel, they will get persecuted and at worst, killed.
Would living in seclusion be the best choice?

Retirement. At this age.
Moreover, unmarried with children.
Children that are the children of the Demon King.
On top of that, Pochi is tagging along.
What do I do? This is the biggest obstacle in my life by far. I wasn’t hesitating so much even when I went to exterminate the Demon King.

“…… Excuse me, is there some place where I could get clothes for children?”

I can’t keep being troubled, so I decided to do what I can. Catching sight of a villager man, I called out to him.

“Clothes for children? What for?”
“I met twins that lost their parents on my journey…… they have no change of clothes, so I would like to get some clothes for them.”

I have not told a single lie.

“Ah~ that must have been difficult. Was it because of the Demon King? ….. Have their parents been killed by the monsters?…… You have it hard, even though you are still so young.”
“Ah, no, the children’s father passed away from illness. Yeah, I don’t know what it was, but it was an illness.”
“?? Is that so? Well, either way, it’s a difficult matter. Ah, if you need clothes then I can give you old clothes from our children.”
“Thank you very much. I’m sorry, I’m ashamed for being selfish even though you are so gracious, but they are boy and girl twins, so it would be really helpful if you could give me both boy’s and girl’s clothes……”


“Whoa~ Nii~chan, what is that big bag?”
“Your clothes. And also food.”
“There are so many. Do you have Pochi’s too?”
“Nope. Pochi has his fur. Erm, this is Iric’s. And this is yours, Ilya.”

The family of a farmer is frightful. They had many children who all grew up, so they had a mountain of clothes they didn’t need at home.
Their neighbors also didn’t have children of this age, so without being able to get rid of it, they could only think of reusing them as dust cloths. Therefore, I received heaps of old clothes from them. I have paid an appropriate price for them.
Warmly watching over the children who were cheerfully taking out the clothes, I spoke to Pochi.

“Pochi, there’s quite a lot, so you will have to carry it.”
“…… I was wondering what you are going to say…… why do I have to be the baggage carrier!?”
“Who do you think is preparing your food? Fine, if you don’t want it. I will tie it around you by force. I bought a rope too anyways.”
“Are you going to disregard my will!?”
“I’m thinking of disregarding you in general. In the first place, you, aren’t you just a mount?”
“You are actually a fiend……”

I was called a fiend by a monster. What should I do as a Hero?

“There’s no way that’s true, ahahahaha.”

For now, I laughed it off.

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