Chapter 13

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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With the addition of Pochi, the distance we have traveled in a day has considerably increased. If we continue walking like this, we should arrive at a human habitat within the next couple of days.

“Prince, Princess, leaving this fellow behind and running would be much quicker.”
“No way. Nii~chan will get angry if we separate from him.”
“That is not going to happen. Please, keep walking together with Onii~san, Pochi.”

The Demon King’s children seem to be attached to me as usual.
Just why are they so attached to me?

“I can’t accept it though. Why are you, Prince and Princess, trusting of this fellow so much? This fellow is a Hero, you know? He’s a man who came to murder the Demon King, you know?”

Pochi had the same question. He started having doubts the second time he encountered Yuuya.

“So noisy~ you don’t have to worry about that and just keep on walking, Pochi.”
“Ahh…… so merciless with such pretty face…… you are truly the Demon King’s son…… so dreamy.”
“You are gross. Be quiet, Pochi.”
“Roger that, Princess. Wonderful……”

It might be better to keep the children as far as possible from this fellow.
His education is bad.

Then, a mealtime.

“Pochi, what are you going to eat for the meal?”
“Fuhahaha! Let me eat your meat.”
“Pochi! You mustn’t bite Nii~chan! A punishment ban~g!”

Pochi got burnt with Iric’s strike. After that, he hunted an animal for himself and ate it while crying.

“You are ordinarily carnivorous, huh.”
“My favorite is human flesh, you know? Your meat seems to be tough and nasty tasting though.”
“Pochi. I will squash you if you try to eat Onii~san.”

Under Ilya’s cold glare, Pochi muttered ‘dreamy’ while crying. He’s a pervert.


The nighttime.

“Prince, Princess. My fur is warm, you know?”
“Ah, indeed. It does seem to be warm. You two should sleep close to Pochi.”

The temperature has come down in the evening, so it might get a little cold tonight. In fact, the twins have been always clinging to me until now. They must have been trying to overcome the cold. Pochi is, more or less, a monster, so he might be able to alleviate the cold for them.

“Eh~ no way~ I’m going to sleep with Nii~chan~”
“I will also sleep with Onii~san.”

The twins immediately rejected.

“? Why? I do think you would be warmer with Pochi.”
“Not a chance~ that fellow is gross. He’s a pervert.”
“He is disgusting. I do not want to sleep together with a degenerate.”


In the end, the twins have slept wrapped in a blanket while clinging to Yuuya as usual.

“Nuguguu…… Brave Hero you bastard…… I also wanted to sleep together with the children……”

The children’s judgment might have been correct. Seems like we will be sleeping together tomorrow as well.

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