Chapter 48

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A Promise
In the morning, while Dirkhert was having a breakfast, Onnes and Lilia came over.

“Lia! Have you come to play?”
“Nope, I did not. Lia you see, is going to the town of Lease now, I came to say goodbye.”
“Eh, goodbye……?”

Dirkhert was certain Lilia came to play, but unexpected words left from her lips. Dirkhert got surprised, and a sorrowful expression floated on his face.

“You are leaving this early?”

When Meluerina asks that, Onnes behind Lilia answers.

“Because we are going to the Lease on foot, I wanted to leave slightly earlier.”
“Is that so…… Thank you for taking care of Dirk-sama.”
“Me too, I am very thankful that Lia was able to find a playmate.”

When Meluerina and Onnes finish their farewells, Dirkhert pulls on Meluerina’s clothes.

“Say, Melu. Do I have to part with Lia? I won’t see her anymore?”

Her little master looked at her with eyes which were accumulating tears. Meluerina stoops down to his eye level and gently strokes his head.

“Lia-chan is going to the town of Lease just like us, you will definitely see her again.”
“Yes, really.”

Dirkhert who heard that, wiped his tears and faced Lilia.

“You see, Dirk is also going to Lease, so lets definitely play together again, okay?”

Hearing those words, a smile floats on Lilia’s face.

“Yeah, let’s play! Lia will be late because we are walking, but wait for me okay?”
“Yup, I will wait.”

Saying that, Dirkhert summons Tart to him, and takes a little corolla from its head.
That’s the one Lilia made for Tart yesterday.

“Umm, this and that…… n~……? Like this?”

He writes a complicated magic circle in the air. Onnes and Lilia who has no idea what Dirkhert is doing can only stare at the strange spectacle of the floating magic circle in wonder.

“Next, like this and…… it’s done!”

The small corolla in Dirkhert’s hand is wrapped in a pale light.
When the light subsides, and the corolla is seen, there seem to be no changes.

“What have you done?”
“You see~ I made sure the flowers won’t die and the corolla won’t break! It should be done…… I think.”
“Waw~ that’s incredible~!”

When Lilia looks at the little corolla with great interest, Dirkhert slips the corolla on Lilia’s hand.
The corolla the size of Tart’s head was just the right size for Lilia’s hand.

“This is Tart’s crown Lia have made, I will leave it in Lia’s care. Next time we meet, place it on Tart’s head again.”
“Dirk-kun…… Yeah, okay! Lia will keep it until then.”

Thus, Dirkhert and Lilia made a promise to meet again at Lease.
Dirkhert who sent Lilia off from the Inn, waved his hand until Lilia’s figure couldn’t be seen.

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