Chapter 27

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Lunch and Stuffed Toys
The three are having a late lunch in the Inn’s dining room.
There is no menu, the dishes are changed daily. They are simple but very delicious.
Today’s lunch menu is soup with many vegetables with brown bread and herb salad with chicken.
Although Dirkhert has frowned upon seeing his disliked carrots in the soup and salad, everything else was to his liking. He skillfully passed the carrots to Volsung and started chewing the lunch deliciously.
Even so, the little Maou-sama eats less food than children of his age. After eating just a third of the lunch, he put down his fork because his stomach already got full.

“Thank you for the meal.”

After joining his hands together, he takes a glass in his little hands and drinks.
A slight taste of lemon raises in his mouth.
Meluerina is almost done with her meal, and Volsung was about to finish eating Dirkhert’s leftovers.

“What do we do after lunch?”
“Shall we explore the village today?”

At the words “explore,” Dirkhert started fidgeting. The exploration of the first human village he visited. That word must have sounded really attractive to Dirkhert.

“Vol, quickly! Quickly finish lunch!”

Dirkhert urges Volsung who is eating the lunch at his pace to finish quickly.

“I will eat it really quick~”

Even after saying that, his pace didn’t change.
It’s not good for the little Maou-sama not to rest after having a meal. For that reason, Volsung continued eating leisurely.
After such interaction had continued for a while, Tris called out to the three.

“These stuffed toys…… they are young master’s, right?”

She said with Chocola, Tart, and Pudding settled in her embrace. The three raise their hands as if saying “Hii!”.

“Aah! Chocola, Tart, Pudding, didn’t I tell you not to leave the room!”

At Dirkhert’s scolding, the three scratch their heads as if saying “We unconsciously followed……”.
Seeing this situation, the faces of Meluerina and Volsung stiffened.
Something like moving stuffed toys is normally not possible. Moreover, there’s such thing as moving stuffed animals with magic has never occurred before.
But, seeing Tris’s reaction, it looks like the only emotion she has towards the moving stuffed animals is a surprise.

“I didn’t think that stuffed toys could move…… that startled me. So nobles use stuffed toys like these days.”

It’s easy to understand that Tris has realized that Dirkhert is from a noble family just from the way Tris has addressed him. Being mistaken for a noble is beneficial for Meluerina and Volsung.
Meluerina apologizes “I’m sorry for the trouble” to Tris and judges that it may be no problems if Chocola, Tart, and Pudding accompany them outside.
Thus, the three have gotten the permission to roam outside freely.

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