Chapter 26

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Inn’s Room
The three people arrived at their room, after being guided by Tris.

“Look, Dirk-sama. This is the room we will spend the next five days in.”

At Meluerina’s words, Dirkhert who was overflowing with expectations peeks through the door, but……

“…… It’s small.”

The room is about ten tatamis large with three beds packed together. But, the window is large and the sunshine is good. There is a small table with a three-legged stool and closet for luggage. It’s so-so for a village’s Inn.
But, for Dirkhert who lived in the castle, this room definitely is small.

“This is normal for common Inns.”
“Is that so~”

Tetete he enters the room, approaches the bed in the middle and puts his bag down.

“Say, is it alright for Chocola, Tart, and Pudding to move?”
“Only in the room, okay?”

As soon as Meluerina said that, the three stuffed animals who weren’t moving until now started moving with a twitch.
Although originally stuffed toys, pretending to be stuffed toys while not moving is quite difficult.
Certainly, once you experience moving freely once, it may be painful not being able to move again.
Considering that it may be better to take some measures to let them move freely in the future. Meluerina thinks while watching the awkward movements of the three stuffed animals.

“It would be nice if I could explore outside together with Chocola, Tart, and Pudding……”

Hearing the little Maou-sama’s mutter, Meluerina decided to make it her primary task.
While lost at the entrance in thoughts, Volsung approached the bed near the entrance and put his luggage down.

“I will use the bed near the entrance so Melu, use the bed beside the window please.”

The entrance is the most dangerous place in case of a surprise attack. Because of that, Volsung chose the bed near the entrance himself. Meluerina is in charge of attacks through the window.
Even if the village is peaceful, they can’t be careless. It’s better to be vigilant.
And then, during the rest time.
Kuu~…… a lovely sound resounds around the room.

“Melu, I’m hungry~”

Hearing Dirkhert words, Meluerina realizes that they didn’t eat lunch yet.

“Shall we go eat?”

Saying that, she takes Dirkhert’s hand, and the three leave towards the dining room attached to the Inn.
Without noticing Chocola, Tart, and Pudding following behind them……

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