Chapter 304

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Messy room and a curse.
And so, I came to the 1st Development lab.

“How do you do, I’m Rosarin Rosenberg.”

“Nice to meet you. I’m Hans, the Section Chief. Well, I still can’t believe that Sage-sama’s disciple came to me!”

His expression had a slight cramp. Yikes. Development lab = nerd room? Mr. Section Chief, you give off the same scent as my brother! And it will be impossible for me to avoid him because I will know what he is talking about when it comes to magic tools.

“Everyone, we have a new trainee.”




Eh? They are unresponsive, though. Hans-san, you are on the verge of tears, you know!?

“Sorry… everyone seems to be so engrossed in their research… they won’t listen to me. Moreover, they will study until they fall over…”

“And they won’t even clean up after themselves, right…”

What can I say… a colony of mold was forming in the early days of the Sage’s messy room. As for what a colony is! I coined the term to describe the walls that formed around the Sage, which were almost entirely made of garbage.

“N, no, I will let you know that I clean after everyone when they go to eat!”

“… You do?”

“………………… Yes.”

That’s no good! Let them do it themselves! But… these people’s eyes tell me that they lack sleep.

“Here we go.”


“Hey! You are being noisy!!”

I tried popping a super loud cracker as a test, but there was no reaction except from Hans-san and a boy who had just popped out of the private room in the development lab. Strange, isn’t it? Concentration doesn’t seem to be an issue. The boy yelled at me and immediately went back to his private room again.


It seems strange that they don’t even glance at me after that loud cracker.

“Rosarin-san, just what are you… ou!?”

I tried to test it out, and I blew another loud cracker straight into the researcher’s cheeks to test their limits, but…


No response. Eyes dead and scary. I tried to blow it into their cheeks one after another… still no reaction. The blindfold I tried next was indeed removed from their eyes, but as long as I didn’t interfere with their research, they didn’t react.

“… Isn’t this abnormal?”

Hans-san turned very blue. Huh? Well, isn’t that the boy I just saw, the reclusive bean sprout who is one of the capture targets? Oh. I think it was Ernst, right? At any rate, we should deal with the abnormality first, rather than the bean sprout.


“I… it is, isn’t it?”

I asked Hans-san a lot of questions, and he said that they were responsive and unencumbered in regard to their work, or rather their research. So he didn’t care if they were concentrating. He said that the fact that there was not so much conversation in the 1st Development lab to begin with, was probably the reason why he did not notice it.


I strained my eyes. It’s only faintly, but… I detected a curse.



“I think they are… cursed, what do you think?”

Arisa stared at the working men and nodded.

“They are cursed. I think it’s a thought restriction curse. Is it Arisa’s turn to shine?”

“Thought restriction… please get rid of it.”


A soft light enveloped the room. I believe it was a curse that made it impossible for them to think of anything but research.

“… N?”


“Uwah! There’s a Spirit-sama!”

“A beauty is here!”

In no time at all, I was surrounded and bombarded with questions. It was plain scary. Hans-san tried to stop them, but no one was listening. Morever, they smelled like they haven’t bathed forever. I was about to ask my brother or Okugata-sama for help when the grumpy, withdrawn bean sprout, snapped.

“I told you that you are being noisyyy!”

The researchers were done in by a brilliant thunder magic. The bean sprout quickly walked away when it got quiet again. Thank you, Bean sprout. I’ll probably thank you next time. As for me? Of course, I defended myself. I offsetted it. Bean sprout was a little surprised that I managed to defend myself.

“… What about the other departments?”

In the end, the 2nd Development lab was safe. It was most likely because of Magchelia. There was a strain of Arisa’s Magchelia that they all took good care of in the 2nd Development lab, so it was probably due to this, that they became resistant to the curse.

The 3rd Development lab was out. We did not purify it in order to observe. Only the Section Chief, Stout-san, and another researcher were safe.

But to curse so many people in a magic academy… we did not break the curse of the researchers in the 3rd Development lab. If there was a culprit in the 1st lab, there should be some action taken in a few. Maybe, but there won’t be, though.

“I, I’m going to report this to Director!”

“Ah, yes.”

Hans-san ran away.

“Hmm, what should I do?”

To be honest, unlike in the Knights Order, I have no idea who is suspicious. I have some idea, but only a little.
It is going to be quite troublesome.

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