Chapter 305

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Lunch, Sage, and Okugata-sama.
I healed the researchers who had been brought down by the lightning magic, and we had lunch.

“I will treat you!”

“A lunch with a beauty!”

“… Err… I have an appointment with my brother and some friends… and I have a lunchbox, so…”

They stink and dance around me like that. I can’t kick them around because they don’t take offense… Hans-san tried to stop them, but no one was listening. Poor guy! I was thinking about it when I heard a familiar voice.

“Rosarin-chan, I came to get you! Come on, let’s go have lunch!”


To my surprise, Okugata-sama came to pick me up! She shines more freshly than usual. Thank you, thank you, Okugata–sama! How about I thank you for this… by adding a new costume to my Sage’s magic tool!

“Silly disciple, I’m here too, though.”

“Pardon me, you are so small I couldn’t see you.”

I was actually aware of him, but I wanted to be mischievous a little, tehepero☆

“You stupid disciple! You are much smaller than I am!”

“You were hidden in the shade of Okugata-sama’s blind spot, so I didn’t see you~”

“Ahaha. You are both so cute. My, my, stop fighting. Anyhow, I’m taking this child away.”

(Y… yes.)

The researchers were pressured by the handsome Okugata-sama who lightly lifted both me and the Sage up in her arms. They complained a lot later. Even in this world, they tell you to explode. I learned it for the first time.
Also, the Sage was all red and teary-eyed. I was surprised to see how cute he was even though he was an old man.




Now, Okugata-sama had taken Milfi out of the military area in advance, and Elder brother joined up with us. We all moved to the backyard for lunch. The backyard was not popular and was moderately cool under the shade of the trees.

“Rosarin, how is the Magic Institute?”

“Yes, I’d love to hear what you think.”

I smiled, put up a soundproof barrier, and dropped the bomb.

“They were cursed.”




“As I thought.”

Okugata-sama, who had her doubts, was convinced.

“Rosarin, explain.”

“Yes, gladly!”

Blah-blah, yaddy-yadda… I explained what I knew at the moment.

“Why does Rosarin always encounter this kind of trouble…”

“It wasn’t my fault this time! Please don’t say it as if I’m a troublemaker!”

We knew something was going on at the Magic Institute from the beginning, after all!

“Rosary, is there anything we can do to help?”

“I’m currently observing the situation, so… ah, I need Sage-sama to analyze something for me. I will write the magic formula, so please take a look at it.”


“Don’t push your teacher around like that, you common sense-less disciple!”

“Eh~? I don’t have a choice then. I should add some outrageous costume to you—”I will gladly work for you!!”

I won’t let you finish! The Sage glared at me as if warning me. On the other hand, Okugata-sama’s eyes were sparkling.

“Incidentally, what kind of costume are we talking about?”

“Something like this?”

I fondled around a certain magic formula and took out a bunny girl… no, the below part is shorts, so it was a bunny boy outfit(?) design.

“How nice… wonderful! Darling, please wear this!”

“No way.”

“… Darling, please.”

Okugata-sama was unusually begging for it. Okugata-sama, you are not your usual dignified self, but cunningly cute.

“………… If it’s just for a minute.”

The effect was outstanding. The Sage broke.

“Darling! I like you! I love you!”

Okugata-sama embraced the Sage with great joy. The Sage giggled.

“Hey, now! It can’t be helped. You are so cute after all, Safia.”

The Sage lovingly stroked Okugata-sama’s hair. Aya? Okugata-sama seemed embarrassed. She’s as cute as a cat as she rubs up against the Sage in a sulky manner.

“A, ahem.”

With a cough from my brother, Okugata-sama quickly moved away from the Sage. The colorful Sage clicked his tongue. No, you can’t help it, you’ll have to do it at home.

“Then, please do your best with the analysis. The costume is already finished, so I will hand it over. Do you have the ring on you?”

“This devilish disciple! Why do you have it prepared beforehand!”

“I always have my trump cards ready.”

“Don’t say it in such a cool way like that! You shamless disciple!”

“… Rather, isn’t it you who is shameless for pleasing your wife by wearing something like this?”

“………… Y, you better remember this!”

“……………… I already forgot!”

“U, uwaaaaah! You stupid discipleee!!”

The Sage left crying.

“Thank you for everything! See you later!”

Okugata-sama left with a fresh smile. I stored the outfit in the ring properly. I hope you enjoy yourself this evening. I asked the Sage to do a job, so please do it in moderation.

“I know it’s a little late to ask this… but what kind of master-disciple relationship do you guys have?”

“Eh? It has been always like this… the Sage messes up his room and I get mad and bully him for it.”

“……… Is that a master-disciple relationship?”

“……………… He sometimes teaches me magic, too.”


Elder brother and I both fell in silence.

“In other words, it’s an unusual master-disciple relationship, right?”

Milfi made that conclusion… and I couldn’t deny it.

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