Chapter 306.1

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Inept detective and a reclusive bean sprout.
Then, when I returned from lunch, I was frozen. The curse was back. Eh? Don’t they work too fast!? Hans-san, looking annoyed, spoke to me.

“I’m sorry, I just got back from lunch and everyone was back at it again… as I thought, this is…”

“They are cursed.”

“I knew it…”

Even if the enemy has noticed our movement, they are too quick to respond. No… maybe it’s something automatic…? Anyway, we don’t have enough information.

“Hans-san, did you separate from them at lunch?”

“Ah, yes. I bring my wife’s lunch boxes, so I always eat here. They eat in the cafeteria.”

Hmm, it’s very basic, but should I check the cafeteria anyway?

“Ah, I’m sure you have work to do, so I will be fine on my own. I’m going to check the cafeteria. I will lift the curse when I get back.”

Hans-san told me to be careful, and I went to the cafeteria, but…

“They are cursed…”

It is unlikely that the cooks will be able to converse with me. But on the other hand, if I don’t disturb them, they will leave me alone, and I can investigate as I please.

“N~… it’s not the ingredients, either.”

I checked, but there was no reaction to any foodstuff. Cooking utensils were also unresponsive. I searched all over the dining room, including chairs and tables, but could not find anything.


I checked the path from the work place to the cafeteria, but I had no idea how to get back. Then I realized something terrible.




I got lost.




I’m Rosarin, the inept detective (lol).




Uaaaaah! I have done it now! I thought I was going to get lost! All the buildings around me look so similar! What do I do now! I scurried around, but there was no one I could ask for directions.





After an hour of wandering around with tears in my eyes… I was seriously thinking about sending a message to my brother or Milfi to ask for help, and then… there he was!

“The bean sprout over there!”

“Haah? Who are you calling a bean sprout?”

I was too tempered to express my true feelings. I got super stared at. No wonder. I collapsed on the spot. I was a mess.


How nice of you to be concerned about my sudden outburst, bean sprout! And while we are at it, why don’t you tell me the way back?

“Excuse me… I’m lost! Please tell me how to get back!!”

“……………… Huh?”

And then, there was the stunned bean sprout and me on my knees. It became a very surreal picture.

“… Well, I understand the circumstances. When I’m done with my business, I’ll return to 1st lab and you can follow me back.”


The bean sprout said he was taking a break and was eating a bunch of preserved food (looked familiar, but obviously crap) in the shade of a tree. I mean, isn’t he friendly for a bean sprout? He basically won’t even talk to others unless their magic is up to par… maybe that’s why. I guess he is interested in me, who can use magic, since I prevented his lightning magic just earlier. On the surface, he’s not very friendly, though.

“… That’s not good, is it?”


“Eat this.”


I took out a sandwich and soup that I had always kept as an emergency ration (nighttime meal) from my pouch. The soup was still hot. The bean sprout’s eyes widened. Oh, if you think about it, my bag was custom-made.

“………… Let me see that.”

“After you eat.”

The bean sprout reluctantly ate the sandwich…… and his eyes opened wide again.

“………… What is this?”


The bean sprout was engrossed in eating his sandwich and soup. It seemed to be too much for the feeble him, and he seemed to be in a bit of pain.

“…… Let me see your pouch.”

Tch, I guess he didn’t forget. I had no choice but to remove my waist pouch and hand it over.

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