Chapter 306.2

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Inept detective and a reclusive bean sprout.
“…………………… Incredible.”


“It’s art! Wonderful! Whose work is this!? If possible, could you please give it to me!”


“Spatial expansion and the bestowal of state fixation… I’ve never seen such a precise, robust and beautiful technique! What a work of art by the maker of this magic tool!”

That bag is MADE BY Rosarin… my own work. Oh no, not this glitter beam. I have a feeling that if I told him it was my own work, he would ask a lot of questions. Hmm? But bean sprout is definitely not an amateur himself… it would be advantageous if I made him my ally, right? As I recall, he is a genius magic tool craftsman with some authority around here.

“It’s my own work.”


“I would be happy to give you a spare if you like… but why don’t we make a deal?” I don’t think it will be a bad deal for you.”

When I smiled at him complacently, the bean sprout… Ernst, nodded.

Ernst Bender. He is the last person to be attacked. His nickname is “the reclusive bean sprout” as I have said in my brain many times. He is a morbidly pale man who has hardly ever left the Magic Institute.
His upbringing is quite tragic, and he was born an albino due to his high magic power. Children with high magic power are sometimes born as albinos. The Sage is also an albino, so like Ernst, he has light pigmented silver hair and red eyes. Incidentally, high magic power does not always result in albinos.

Ernst was an albino and therefore a different from his parents. His mother was suspected of infidelity, and his father rejected Ernst as not being his own son. As a result, Ernst was abused by his parents. In the midst of all this, the director took Ernst in and educated him, telling his parents, “If you don’t want him, give him to me.” Although the director trained Ernst well as a maker of magic tools, Ernst was not loved by anyone and became a man with a one-sided value system that judges the superiority or inferiority of human beings by the level of their magic power.
Furthermore, he became a recluse because of his fascination with making magic tools. He is basically a man who never sees the light of day, and it is no wonder that he was nicknamed “bean sprout”.




I carefully put up a soundproof barrier and explained the current situation to Ernst. The structure of the Magic Institute is difficult to understand, but Ernst has a lot of authority. I promised to provide him with rare monster materials if he would cooperate with us. Ernst readily agreed. I gave him some magic stones as a deposit.

I got lost, but I got a collaborator!

“I’m Ernst Bender. And you?”

Come to think of it, I didn’t introduce myself.

“I’m Rosarin Rosenberg.”


“………… Rosarin Rosenberg!? THAT Rosarin Rosenberg!? No, Rosarin Rosenberg-sama!?”

“…… Eh?”

“The disciple of the Sage-sama, who is known as The God of Magic Tool Creation, the favored daughter of Shiva, the genius of magic tool creation… no, the miraculous magic toolmaker, Rosarin-sama!?”

Who that.

Sure, I am the Sage’s disciple, and you have the divine Revelation of Shiva’s favor, but… how did that happen!? Stop it! Don’t look at me with those sparkling eyes!

“The breakthrough magic formula for video recording and communication was brilliant! I am truly impressed with the ideas, the technology, and the magic efficiency you have displayed…!”

“Ernst… I’m not that amazing!!”

I didn’t come up with those ideas because of my wisdom, but because I know, as Beneficiary, “this kind of thing is useful”. So I’m not that great! I stressed. Ernst thought for a moment and then asked me.

“I want to make a large magic tool that will allow people without wind magic power to fly. Is there such a thing in the world of Beneficiaries? And do you think it is possible?”

“There is. I think it should be possible.”

Ernst laughed. His so-called “airplane-like magic equipment” is his dream, but it was ridiculed by everyone but the Heroine, who said that it should be theoretically possible, although no one believed them.

“I will cooperate with you on that after we are done with this?”

“Yes! I will be in your care!”

I liked the reply, but Ernst is the same age as my brother… I mean, he is older than me.

“Ernst, let’s stop using honorifics with each other. We are collaborators. We should be equals.”

“Equals… underst… alright. Best regards.”

“Yeah! Best regards. Anyhow… tell me how to get back.”

“… I have a hard time telling whether you are a genius or a fool.”

“I can’t deny that!”

I got along perfectly well with Ernst. Anyway, we decided to break the curse and leave for today. As an aside, Hans-san was seriously worried about me when I didn’t return… and he laughed a lot when I told him I got lost. No, I mean… I’m sorry.

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