Chapter 307

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Request for cooperation.
I went home and put the information together in my brain. At dinner, I shared my thoughts.

“The situation at the Magic Institute is more serious than I thought. It is no wonder that the investigation has been unusually slow. Ninety percent of the researchers who were supposed to be doing the research are useless.”

Father let out a sigh.

“… Since when?”

“Since four years ago, apparently. But it is according to the researcher who was spared from the curse, so the credibility of the story is not so clear. If we are to believe his words, then it seems that the symptoms were getting worse little by little. However, considering the lack of progress in the analysis of the curse that afflicted Kou and others… I think it is highly possible.”

The curse that afflicted Kou and the others was quickly analyzed by the Sage. The Sage was puzzled by the fact that the Magic Institute was this slow in this regard, and wondered if the quality of the work there had deteriorated. It must have happened because they were not interested in anything other than research, and in the end, the proper personnel took care of our request. Moreover, since they were a group of research idiots to begin with, some small things were overlooked. I don’t know who to blame. When things get back to normal, I’m going to punish them all! We have to get the job done right this time!

“What do you intend to do about this, Rosarin?”

“For the time being, I guess I’ll be gathering evidence and conducting background checks.”

(As you will, Ojousama.)

Martha, Jash, and Rabisha-chan took a beautiful bow. They understand their roles without being told.

“Are you sure, since you are a newlywed and all that, Martha?”


“That’s right, we can do something like gathering information by ourselves, you know?”

“Yes. You might as well make returning home early your mission…”

“Ojousama is my top priority!”

Martha yelled out with a red face, how cute.

“Martha, stay behind. I want you to protect the home, not only because you are a newlywed, but also because I don’t know how the enemy will react.”

“… Understood.”

“Jash, I want you to look around different divisions. We don’t want to be exposed while looking for the culprits. I want Rabisha-chan to do the internal investigation and investigate the backgrounds of all suspicious people.”

“… Understood.”

“Rosarin, what about me?”


It is unusual for him to offer to help. Wouldn’t that be the first time?

“… Won’t kill, won’t force myself. Can at least shadow you.”

“Ah, me too! I’m good at listening, you know!”


“… Then, I will leave this special mission to you, Ordo. Pochi, you…”

“He can team up with me. Pochi won’t pose a problem. We will infiltrate as trainees tomorrow.”

As expected of my overly competent maid, Rabisha-chan… anyhow, the plan has been established.

“Rosarin, what should I do?”

“Just do things as usual, Niisama. If you act in a strange way, there is a possibility that they will sense you. Oh, the bea… a boy named Ernst is on our side.”

“Ernst, you mean Ernst Bender!?”

“Yeah, him.”

“That aloof magic tool making genius!? How!? He was ignoring me, you know!?”

“N~ he knew who I was.”

“Rosarin, explain.”

“……… Yee~”

I tried to hide that I got lost, but it was no good. My brother is sharp. He made me tell him the whole story.

“Rosarin, kneel.”

Sermon time… I get it. I sat honestly upright. Brother, you are super scary! Me, with tears in my eyes, was asking Father for help.

“Ru, don’t criticize Rosarin too much.”

“…… Tousama, you be quiet.”

For some reason, Father kneeled right beside me.




Mother, Ark and Martha were trembling. I did not know what to say, and Niisama was frozen in place. It seems that Niisama’s anger has been lessened by Tousama’s overly unnatural behavior. He didn’t scold me as much as I thought he would. He only made me promise to always call him immediately if I get lost and not to act alone.

“Thank you, Tousama.”


After being healed by my naturally air-headed father, I decided to do my best again tomorrow. By the way, the reason he sat down next to me was that he wanted to disperse Niisama’s anger by being scolded together. Tousama… Niisama doesn’t scold people who don’t do bad, and I think your intentions did not convey well to him.

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