Chapter 308.1

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Bean sprout and magic stone.
The second day at the Magic Institute. I went through the door of the 1st Development lab, thinking that the curse would be back again anyway.

“Good morning.”

“Ah, she’s here!”


“Gooood morniiing~! Looking cute today as well!”

“Come, here’s your seat.”






As soon as I entered, the researchers took me to my desk. I couldn’t keep up with the developments and nodded when I saw Hans-san. They all seemed sane now. They didn’t even smell. I wonder if they took a proper bath… I was trying to escape reality when I heard a familiar voice.

“So loud!”

Lightning magic exploded. That was rough, Ernst. I was still unharmed thanks to my barrier.

“Ah, good morning, Rosarin! Can we talk about your research?”

“Ah, yes. I don’t mind.”

It is better to be engaged in Ernst’s geek talk than to be besieged by a multitude of adult geeks. I ran up to Ernst.

“Ernst made a friend…!”

Hans-san collapsed. Is he crying? Eh? What!?

“I’m glad for you, Ernst!”

“You have graduated from being a loner!”

“We are celebrating today!”

“It’s his friend anniversary!”


Ernst was trembling with his head hanging in shame. This is probably not good.


“Shut uuuuuup!!”

A more intense lightning strike exploded in the 1st Development lab. Ernst quickly took me to his hermit’s room… no, not his lab.

Unlike the Sage’s messy room, it was neat and tidy, with airplane-like models on the shelves and books all over the place. There was a desk and a bed, and the ceiling resembled the sky. The next room was a bathroom and toilet, I think.

“What do you want to talk about?”

“Ahh, your plan?”

We talked after deploying a soundproof barrier.

“… N? Yeah. We are still investigating, so we will just have to wait and see.”


“I see.”

“So… why don’t we talk about aviation magic tools?”

“Are you sure!?”

“Yeah. By the way, do you not have any friends, Ernst?”

“……………… I don’t.”

“So I am Friend No.1 then.”

“……………… Huh?”


Eh? Was I mistaken? I thought we got along pretty well, but was I mistaken?

“… Am I not your Friend No. 1?”

“Eh!? You are!? I never had one, so I don’t know! Rosarin, are you my friend!? Since when!?”

“Err… friends become friends before you know it. If you can talk to each other in a friendly manner, I think you are friends. Maybe since yesterday? Ernst, do you not want to be frie—”I do!! I want to be friends with you!!”

He is pale, so his cheeks were noticeably red. I don’t have many friends either… but I didn’t expect him to have none at all. Maybe I will ask my brother to be his friend later. Also, Cidar-kun.
While I was thinking about it, he shook my hand firmly.I know you are happy, but cut it a little slack. It hurts. You have surprisingly strong arms, Ernst!

“Well, since we have become friends, let’s celebrate! Why don’t we play something!”




Ernst… was sparkling. We were currently flying in Valkyrie’s airship mode. Ernst was very excited.

“I’m sorry, I’m not a specialist in this field, but in the world of the Beneficiaries, this shape was powered by an engine… and the air currents around the body were controlled by wings. The wheels come out only when landing…”

I casually drew airplanes from Rin’s world. Ernst listening seriously.

“By the way, what material is it made of?”

“It was metal. Materials that will not deteriorate in the rain are essential. Clouds are like a mass of water. In the past, some were made of wood.”

“… I see. All these conditions could be cleared with Yggdrasil wood, but… it’s too expensive. Magic stones, too… they would need to be at least S-ranked… how much would it cost to get a magic stone of this rank…”

Ernst’s shoulders drooped after making an estimate. That’s pretty expensive.

“Oh my, how did magic stones get lost in a place like this?”

“……………… Oi.”

The Adventurer-killer and the Incendiary Turtle’s magic stone that Martha gave me. They were quite hefty stones.

“Which one would you like?”

“……… Eh?”

“Or… would you like to go hunting? These are from land beings, we might as well get you a Wind-attribute one?”


“It’s fine! If you like to go now, you may get a Hero, his son, SS-ranked party, and a former strongest knight as your bodyguards!! You’d also want some back-up, right!”


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