Chapter 308.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Bean sprout and magic stone.
“Wah~ what a great catch!”

“…… Im… impossible.”

The bored duo of father and son duo, Dirk and I, over-hunted the S-ranked Wind attribute monster, Enchant Garuda. Eight in all. That’s a good result. Jend had grown quite a bit and was about even with Adeil. Even though he was reinforced with a suit, he had definitely gained strength.
Dirk just happened to be… free… that was probably a cover story… he came when I called him.
And Ernst was surprisingly strong, too. His lightning magic was effective against Garuda-type monsters, and his magic control was skillful. He didn’t have any physical strength, though, so he was carried by the Hero on the way.

“We have enough for spares!”

“………… Yeah~”

Now it was lunchtime. We have fresh chicken, so let’s cook something.

“Dirk, what kind of chicken dish would you like to eat?”



“Lord! Chicken steak here!”

“Yes, yes.”

“I want teriyaki!”


“… Ah… I will have this…”

Ernst took out his own food, but I rejected.

“I will make you a chicken soup.”

That being the case, we had an extravagant chicken meat lunch.

“Rosarin’s meal…”

Dirk chewed on his dish with joy.

“Eating Rosarin’s best in the world handmade meal together with Rosarin… so happy…”

It was embarrassing to be held by Dirk in his lap, so it was hard for me to eat, but if Dirk is happy, I can’t help it.

“… Your lover?”

“Fiancé. Though a lover also.”

“I see. Lovers are supposed to flirt, right? Err~ it’s polite to say the incantation ‘Riajuu bakuhatsu shiro,’ isn’t it?”


“There is no such etiquette. Which fool told you such a lie?”


Jend tilted his head.

“Real… it means a person who fully lives in reality. Riajuu bakuhatsu shiro means, ‘Damn it, they are flirting with their lover! I’m so envious, go explode.’”

“… Isn’t that a curse then!! Ed, I’m going to bash you when I return!!”

Was the culprit the Director? Seems like it. Well, I bet there are more things he’s guilty of.

“Does the Director sometimes teach you weird things…?”

“All the time.”

Typical deadbeat dad. Ernst was downhearted. He was surprised when I patted him on the head. I’m just comforting him, okay?

“I’m going to bash him too, okay?”


We both laughed.

“… Make sure not to overdo it, okay?”

Common sense Dirk-san said. I smiled.

“I will handle him carefully.”

“……… I don’t feel the slightest inclination of holding back… well, it will probably be just a bad prank, so that’s good.”

Dirk let out a sigh.

“That sounds good! Let’s not reprimand, but prank him instead, Ernst! Let’s show him what the pranks of magic tool craftsmen look like!”

“Wow, that sounds amusing! I’m in! Let me join you!”

“… Yeah, pranks are good once in a while.”

“Ahahaha, you ended up adding fuel to the fire!”

“Ha… ha… I’m glad the kids are having fun.”

While Dirk was at wits’ end, Geraldin-san was amused. It will be fine, it’s just a prank, after all!

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