Chapter 309

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Prank and curse.
I’m back at the Magic Institute. I thought I’d report back to Hans-san, who was in charge, just in case… Huh?

“I’m back~”

“Welcome back.”

Hans-san was teary-eyed. Everyone… was under the curse again…

“I wonder why…”

Well, we are still investigating… anyway, I have lifted the curse again. It’s the third time I have done it, so I was able to do it on my own. It wasn’t that difficult. Maybe it’s because I’m dealing with a lot of people.

“Hm? Welcome back.”

“Oh, look at you, Ernst.”


Ernst is basically friendly, but he doesn’t talk when he’s concentrating.

“Ah, I would like to donate this to Ernst’s research.”

I rolled the magic stone I had hunted earlier onto Hans-san’s desk. It would be very difficult if they misunderstood that he stole it or something, since it’s very expensive.

“……… Hah?”

“It’s a magic stone from Enchant Garuda. It’s supposed to be good for making aviation-type magic tools.”

“……… Something this expensive—”It was free since I hunted it myself, you know?”

“………………… Eh?”

“Rosarin and this brother got four, a wolf uncle got two, and one each for me and this guy.”

Geraldin-san returned home carrying the chicken meat, but Dirk and Jend tagged with us. Hans-san froze in place after hearing Ernst.

“Ernst, the wolf uncle is an SSS-rank adventurer. Rosarin is S-rank. Jend is only 7 years old, so he’s still unregistered, but… I’d say he is A-rank in terms of ability.”

“… Is that amazing?”

“Ernst… there is only one SSS-rank adventurer in this world.”


“Furthermore, an S-rank underage adventurer… ability so great she had to receive special treatment from the Guild…”


Hans-san was mumbling with his head in his hands. It seems that he was not all right.

“Anyhow, I understand that Rosarin is weird. She’s too powerful.”

“That was your conclusion!?”

I did my best to interject Ernst, but both Jend and Dirk nodded in agreement. Terrible!

“Hans, we are going to play a prank on Ed with all of our power.”

“Eh? Ahh. Did you come up with something already? Do your best.”

“… You are okay with this?”

“Yeah. Sometimes, I just want to ki… he also should reflect. Well, it’s almost impossible to break through his defenses because of all the magic tool he has on him.”

In the Magic Institute, traps are allowed to be set for the purpose of technical study. However, the conditions are that they must not always be activated by armband bearers and that they are not life-threatening traps, but are only as powerful as the pranks. Furthermore, if these conditions are met, they can be installed only with the permission of the superiors. Well, I was told that most people install them without permission anyway, though.

A further exception is the Director. He himself is a magic genius, and he does not wear an armband in order to test his own defensive magic tools. If it is aimed at him personally, people can install traps without permission.

“Ah, I want to join in.”

“Me too, me too.”

Other researchers also expressed their interest to participate. Ufufufu.

“Oh, I should invite Niisama and Milfi, too.”

“Ah~ I’m sure Ru would sulk if we don’t invite him. I wonder how Miss Milfilia will feel about this…”

I immediately contacted her through the communication magic tool… Unfortunately, Milfi did not want to join. She said she is an amateur when it comes to magic tools, but if we needed some first aid… but we are not planning to make a trap that will require healing.
As for Niisama…

“I will do it, I will do it, I will do it! Let me join! What do you have in mind!?”

He was… very eager. O, oh well…?



At any rate, we all discussed the trap together. The members were myself, Ernst, Jend, my brother, and researchers Leighton-san and Lefty-san. Dirk left due to a work call. If I have time later, I should go help him.

However, the strategy meeting was heated up. As one would expect from professionals… moreover, they were Christia’s best magic tool craftsmen. We talked passionately… and pulled an all-nighter. By the way, Jend retired halfway through. He fell asleep, so it wasn’t an all-nighter for him. Well… the Operation Prank turned out to be bigger than I thought… but the result!!

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