Chapter 310

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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The Passion of the Magic Director, Part I
Director’s Point of View
Morning came as usual, I poured myself a cup of coffee, ate a slice of bread and went to work in a leisure manner. I wonder if there’s anything interesting going on. Well, Ru’s little sister. That sounds interesting. Okay, I’ll give her a try. As I left the Director’s office with that thought in mind, I ran into a little old man.

This old man, the oldest in the Academy, lives here. He used to be a great magic tool craftsman, but now he is a senile old man.

“I think you should be careful.”

It was a meaningless remark, but now I understand why. Boring days were happy days. Yeah, this is too much stimulation!!



It all started with a magic tool given to me by a devil child who was as cute as an angel. She gave me a ring with a red magic stone.

“The trap will be activated on the person who has this magic tool. You will accept the challenge, won’t you?”

I was inwardly pleased to see the little sister’s kitten-like eyes glinting with challenge. It would be a good way to pass the time.
I received the magic tool and put it on.



It seems the trap was triggered the moment she turned the corner. It seems I was doused with water. The automatic defense barrier was activated, so I did not get soaked……… but vision went blank, and I received some kind of impact on my face. My face was sticky.

“………… Cream?”

The sweet smell was apparently whipped cream. I licked it and found it was sweet and delicious. When I picked what I was hit with, I realized it was a pie with a heaping pile of whipped cream on it. I bit into the pie and pondered as I ingested the sugar. This pie is good. Crisp and… lemon cream?

I guess the water was the decoy and this pie was the real deal. Aiming for the time lag of a few seconds when the automatic barrier auto defense is deactivated and then re-deployed, and then precisely aiming at the face… silly, but a great technical feat! And it was all carefully calculated to fly from a blind spot……… Mhm? And that was not all, was it? Maybe she will attack again!?

I have a bad feeling about this… Like before, it came with water and pie. However, I am also the head of the Magic Institute. I am not a foolish enough to suffer from the same move twice. I prevented the pie with my magic barrier……… and then there was a shock in my brain.


The auto-heal activated and the pain was gone instantly. A metal basin wobbled on the floor. Apparently, it was a direct hit.




This little bastard.



I was irritated for the first time in a long time. Expecting that the second attempt would not go through, she launched a metal basin from above my head at the same time I was defending against the pie. She has been brilliantly taking advantage of the weakness of magicians, by exploiting the basics of barriers. They were activated almost simultaneously so that the basin would fall before the automatic barrier auto-defense could be redeployed. The accuracy of the trap as well as its concept is outrageous.



As I was walking more vigilantly, something suddenly entangled my legs and my vision flipped. Before I could realize that I was suddenly suspended midair, my body was being pulled up into the air and being tossed about by a very stretchy rope.


T, the blood is going into my head…! I managed to cut the rope with magic and fell onto a soft mattress. I don’t know why. I guess it’s just a consideration… but…

(I know you would have your hands full trying to escape the trap, so I have prepared a mattress for you.)

The text on the letter I found gave me the impression that I was being made a fool of. However, I found out that the automatic barrier auto-defense does not work right below me. I need to improve it so that it doesn’t interfere with my walking and also protects my feet!

When I tried to get off the mattress, the mattress rippled. This is also a trap! Every time the mattress rippled, I would roll over. I couldn’t keep my balance and couldn’t stand up. When I try to reach the edge, I was clearly blocked.

“… Are you playing around?”

3rd Stout… was he? His gaze hurts. However, I have a pride, too. I cannot simply ask for help.

“That’s right, wanna join?”

I tried to increase victims, but Stout twisted his face uncomfortably, as if he was looking at an insect.

“I’m not that free. Excuse me.”

After saying this, he left at a quick pace. I should have asked for help… I couldn’t get out of it until I realized that I should have used flight magic.

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