Chapter 311.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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The Passion of the Magic Director, Part II
Director’s Point of View
As a magician, you must always remain calm.

This is the first thing that everyone who enters the Magic Institute learns… or rather, it is the most basic of basics that everyone who learns magic is always taught first. In fact, emotional vacillation leads to magic failure. That’s why I was suited to be a magician. For me, the world was always going through a filter, and it was always someone else’s business. But fortunately or unfortunately… I didn’t know.



To hear myself screaming this desperately.


To think I would be running away with all of my might.


To think that I couldn’t afford to be scared when feeling fear.


After escaping from the detestable trap, I was exhausted. Just when I tried to take a rest, rustle, rustle… I heard this sound. Here comes the next one already? How impatient… when I looked toward the source of the sound…




A hand…………



Hands… hands that were cut off at the wrist were rushing toward me like spiders. Moreover…… so many.


Disgusting, grotesque, scary!! Various feelings of disgust surged through me, and I found myself running as fast as I could.



Losing my mind. That’s exactly how I feel. As I was contemplating whether I should turn the corner, a woman with only the upper half of her body, and disheveled hair, moved on her elbows… fast, too fast! I finally remembered the Acceleration spell and somehow managed to escape and hide in my room.



I slumped on the floor. It’s hard to breathe, but I tried to catch my breath. If those creepy things chase me again, I’ll…

Suddenly the room became bright, and I realized that I had been led in. There were magic plants lined up in a row.

Yes, I have seen them before. I know these. These are Ru’s, aren’t they? They spit seeds from their mouth, don’t they? I got hit by one of those before! It hurt like hell!

And then, Ru’s magic plants began to fire off a volley of shots.




“I, I thought I was going to die……”

A simultaneous fire from all directions. I somehow managed to escape to the next room by gorging myself with magic tools and barriers. I’ve never done omnidirectional barrier while walking, so I had to use extra magic power… I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to do that again… The magic tools were now just decorations without magic power. I realized this and paled. Oh no. I didn’t think there was anyone who would intentionally try to cause my magic power to run empty by force… What are they doing, trapping a magician whose magic power has run out? That’s just too devilish, isn’t it! I usually have too much magic power, so not carrying around a magic potion backfired on me! The warehouse is a long way from here…

I can’t go out into the hallway or teleport. That’s out of the question, since the hands and the scary woman might still be waiting for me in the hallway! I can’t rule out the possibility of running out of all my strength before reaching the room in front of me. Teleportation… actually, the whole Magic Institute is warded off, so teleportation is unusable. And that is the current situation. I can’t waste my magic power.

The room brightened… again, and my body naturally tensed up. A spotlight illuminated the center of the room… the stage. Who’s there? I stared at it with my eyes.



“Happiness☆Giddy☆Miracle Charge☆Magical Girl, Kuranosuke☆Please call me Kurarin☆”


I crumpled to the floor when I saw a little frilly old man in a tiny frilly outfit on stage. Give me back my nerves…!
Who!? Who thought of this!? My mentality has been scraped to pieces! I think he’s crazy! Why the old man!? I can only stare dumbly! What the hell were you thinking, decorating this old man all over and even training him what poses to make!? In the first place, is this supposed to be a trap!?

I’ve lost all energy to ask him if he’s in on it, or if he knew about it when he warned me this morning! I laid down on the ground. I don’t want to think about anything else.

Poke, poke, the old man poked me. Leave me alone already.

Who is Edmondmon. I no longer had the energy or strength to complain. But the persistent pestering of the old man made me give up.


“Above, above.”


When I looked above…

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