Chapter 311.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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The Passion of the Magic Director, Part II
Director’s Point of View

It seems that when people panic too much, they are no longer able to speak. I couldn’t make sense of it myself, and I chickened out. But I want to praise myself for not peeing myself.



The ceiling was filled with… faces. Except for the lights, there were faces everywhere. I think this is totally traumatizing! The old man was just a decoy, and this was the real deal! And even more frightening, the ceiling… was clearly coming down! And there was a mysterious liquid coming from these faces……… noooooo!! Well, even though I know it’s not bodily fluids, it’s disgusting!!

There is no longer a moment to spare. I’m afraid of the hands (a volley of magical plants is no longer a threat), but I don’t want to get drooled on by these faces!!

I made up my mind and was about to leap through the door behind me.










I was pushed.



I can’t get my head around it. The unexpected attack knocked on my backside. Then, I slipped on the mysterious liquid. This was some kind of oily stuff! I must be making a pretty stupid face right now. The old man pushed me, and I slid down with the momentum.

“You stupid old maaaaan!!”

The old man was out of sight before I noticed. The door opened automatically. And I just kept on sliding. So fast!! The floor was already coated with ice that was very slippery, and I couldn’t stop. I tried to kill the momentum with wind, but it didn’t work. No, rather, I was accelerating!? I checked behind me, and there seemed to be a magic circle to accelerate me when I pass through.


“L, levitation!”

Right, if I levitate…… however, this is where the unfortunate thing happened.




My butt…………… it came out.

The ice ripped my pants and underwear. My buttocks were cold. What a terrible trap!! Who the hell thought of that!! Whoever thought of this! They are a devil!! A real devil!! I was so startled that the levitation technique I was about to deploy fizzled out.

And I was finally thrown into the air and fell into a…… water fountain. By the way, my buttocks were healed by a magic tool, so I was unhurt. The barrier was erected in time, so I didn’t get any other injuries… but my magic power ran out.


Then the devil child appeared in front of me. I was overcome with a sense of defeat that I no longer had the energy to get out of the fountain.

“I overdid it. I’m sorry.”

That was a magnificent dogeza. I saw a couple of other people on their knees, too. I don’t know who they were. Ernst and Ru-kun were not on their knees, though.

“Ah~ yeah.”



I don’t care. I’m tired, and my butt is cold.



“Directoooor!! Come baaaack!?”

By the way, I seemed to have been lethargic due to my magic power cut empty. Once my magic power returned after consuming a potion, I was back to normal.

Ru-kun told me to learn from this and work seriously… Being told that he would unleash that devil child on me again, I reflexively entered dogeza. That devil child is scary. Today, I learned that there are beings in the world that you shouldn’t mess with.

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