Chapter 303

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Friend and a warning.
We walked out of the room and walked for a while. Then, I suddenly stopped.



“I forgot to give the Director the documents.”

“……………… Ah.”

The Director had so much impact on me that I forgot all about it. It seems that my Brother didn’t think he was going to suddenly attack me with magic either, so he forgot about it.

“What to do.”

It was quite a walk, and I didn’t want to be late on the first day, my Brother even had already told me in advance that he would show me around.

“Oh my, lovely lady, are you troubled about something?”



“Safia-sama, long time no see.”

The Sage’s wife, a beautiful woman dressed in men’s clothes, appeared. I told her what had happened, and she said she would show me the way and that I should hand over the papers to my Brother to deliver.

“No, we can’t bother you like that, Safia-sama…”

“I don’t mind, Rosarin-chan and I are friends. I will show her the locker room, the bathrooms, and other areas that are difficult for the opposite sex to go to. Fortunately, I have the rest of the day off. You should get back to your work.”

“… Then, please take care of my foolish sister.”

“Leave her to me. Let’s go then, My Princess.”

She was like a knight… no, a magic knight… Okugata-sama escorted me with refined movements.

“Well, I think you understand most of it, but let me give you a rough explanation, Rosarin-chan.”



The Magic Institute can be divided into two main divisions: the first is Research and Development division. My Brother and I belong to this group. The other is the Combat division, where magic knights and healers belong. Okugata-sama and Milfi belong to this group.
The Research and Development division is further divided into three subgroups: the first is the study of magic tools, the second is the study of magic plants, and the third is the study of the truth and development of magic.
The Combat division is divided into: green for recovery magic, blue for support magic, red for offensive magic, and purple for magic knights, which was recently established.

It is complicated, but it is said that it is made so that it can be recognized at a glance.

“Fundamentally, the established staff don’t use uniforms. On the contrary, trainees and new staff often wear them.”

I was given a uniform by Okugata-sama. The trainees are white. She also handed me an armband.

“You will be fine without the uniform, but you are obligated to wear the arm band. The armband has a magic nullification effect, so you won’t get trapped.”


So, my Brother received the magic tool even though he didn’t need it… If you think about it, unlike my Brother who is an occasional adventurer, there is also Milfi and other ordinary people, so they can’t do without countermeasures.

“It’s also a good form of identification, so don’t lose it.”


N? Are we going in the direction of a less populated area? Okugata-sama?

“… Rosarin-chan, a barrier.”


A secret talk? I immediately erected a barrier.

“… Just between you and me, the last few years has been… I don’t know how to say this, but there’s something wrong with the people here. No, they are crazy to begin with, but… sorry, I’m not very good at explaining it. Take it easy, okay? You are my dearest friend.”


She went out of her way to advise me. Okugata-sama is a good friend… no, my kindred spirit!
The anomaly seems to be in the Research and Development division. I shall note it in my mind.

Finally, we arrived at the 1st Development lab. Okugata-sama spoke to someone in the development lab. A tall, bespectacled, good-looking uncle.

“Well then, my friend, I wish you good luck.”

Watched over by a cool kindred spirit (Okugata-sama), Rosarin Rosenberg began her life at the Magic Institute.

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