Chapter 302

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Magic Institute and the Director
Well, today is the day I enter the Magic Institute. My Brother, who was worried about me, is going to show me around. Milfi also offered to show me around, but it seems that my Brother quickly put in a good word with the Director of the Institute, and a Teacher would explain things to me. Brother… your preparations are great. I promised Milfi that I would ask her to show me around next time, and off we went!



The Magic Institute is kind of…


“Ridiculous, someone got caught in the floor trap again.”

The Magic Institute was a haunted mansion. I have a spirit eye and my Brother as a navigation system, so I’m not in much trouble… but normal people were in trouble. Oh, looking closely, it’s a knight, isn’t it?

“Are you okay?”

“Rosarin-chan… owow… I’m risking my life just to deliver some documents.”

“… Who are you delivering them to?”

“To the Director.”

I looked at my Brother and made eye contact with him… and he nodded.

“Then, we will take it to him in your place?”

“Are you sure!? Seriously!? Thank you! Thank you!!”


I think you are too thankful. The knight… Kult-san, right? Ah, it’s Kulton-san… I think. He thanked me so much, he cried and left.

“Wasn’t he exaggerating?”

“No, the Director is the top dog of this den of perverts… in other words, he’s the King among perverts.”



I wanna go home.



But my Brother was worried about me enough to ask such a pervert. My Brother is too kind. We walk hand in hand, avoiding the traps.

“Niisama, there’s some kind of magic going on there.”


“Niisama, be careful of that wall.”

“……… Yeah.”

“Niisama, there’s something stuck to the ceiling, so let’s be careful.”

“…… Rosarin.”

This place is full of traps, isn’t it? Well, the power is just that of a prank, so you can either walk through it with a barrier, or you can run through it faster than it can spring into action…

“Rosarin… maybe you didn’t need me to guide you… why are there so many more traps today…”

“Ha! No, I’m avoiding getting lost thanks to you, Niisama.”

“… Yeah.”

At any rate, I gave my brother a magic tool that nullifies magic, called the Magic Canceler. It looked like a bangle and was a fashionable item if I say so myself.

“It’s rather powerful, so most traps and magic will be disabled. It also nullifies support magic, so be careful how you use it.”

“… Thank you.”

My Brother put on the bangle honestly. I pointed out more traps as we walked along.

“This is the pervert’s nest… I meant, the Director’s room.”


He knocked, and we entered the room, although I was not inclined to do so. Suddenly, the freezing magic came, and I instantly canceled it out, causing the person who used the magic to fall down to his knees due to a slight bending of joints.

“Give up, I give up! Sorry, I’m just a bit of a prankster! Forgive me!”


“Rosarin, this is a good opportunity, how about we explore the limits of human’s body bendability.”

“Wait, wait! My fault! I won’t do it again! Ru-kun, forgive me, please let me go!”

My Brother was really pissed. So I just follow his instructions. Well, it was the Director who attacked me rather unfashionably first… but I don’t really care anyway…


It can’t be helped, right?


“Rosarin, do it.”



I gave him a crucifix just short of the limit.


“Ugh, that was cruel of you…”

I healed him first, and now was time to talk.

“It’s not cruel. To attack my adorable little sister… if even a hair of hers was hurt… it wouldn’t end just with your arm.”

“Isn’t the ratio too strange!?”

“You are wearing a lot of magic gear, you should be able to grow an arm or two back.”

“I can’t! That’s too absurd to ask of me no matter what!”

“I was just returning the favor because you usually force me to do things that are too difficult. You are acting very shameful, so could you stop shouting?”

“Niisama, this person is…”

“More or less, the Director. He’s a dangerous person, so stay away from him as much as possible.”


“What do you mean by that! Geez… welcome to the Magic Institute. I’m the Director, Edwin. You can call me Ed, so we can get closer, faster.”

“I’m Rosarin Rosenberg. I humbly decline your offer.”

“……… She does seem like your little sister.”

“Yes. She’s my real little sister, after all. You are doing great, Rosasrin.”


While Edwin-san had a subtle expression on his face, Elder brother was in a good mood.

“By the way, Edwin-san is a man, right?”

His voice is male, and so is his bearing. When I did the crucifix earlier, it was obvious that it was not a woman’s body. However, his big breasts were bouncing around. If he didn’t talk, he might look like a woman, because he looked quite androgynous.

“That’s right~ I experimented with my own body in various ways, and this is how I ended up☆”

“Take care of yourself! Health first! Don’t be reckless!”

“… You really are siblings. Ru-kun had mostly similar reaction.”

“Because he’s a person like this, make sure to decline all food and drinks he offers you.”


Using your own body as a test subject for experiments is too dangerous. I took my Brother’s lesson to heart.

“Geez, Ru-kun, aren’t you being a little too salty with me? And so, about your little sister assignment.”

“Ah, yes.”

“I was thinking the 1st Development Lab. There are children close to her age, after all. Let’s get along from now on☆”

“Haah… I will be in your care.”

“Let’s go then.”

It seems that Brother will take me to that development lab himself. The 1st Development Lab… apparently, I’m going to meet the person I wanted to meet soon. By the way, it seems that my Brother was mainly working as an assistant to the Director and at the 2nd Development Lab. As to why this is so, the number one reason is status. The Director is a Marquis… he sometimes abuses his power, so I hear it’s troublesome. Furthermore, my Brother has some common sense, and to his annoyance, the Director likes him, so he listens to what he says and often asks him to assist him… or rather, to pilot him.

It’s my first day at the Magic Institute, and it’s still early in the day… but this Magic Institute is not okay at all! I thought sincerely.

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