Chapter 301

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Rules of heroes.
When I got home, I called Jend and others for a meeting. And so, an emergency meeting was held. The agenda was about Heroes and Rosarinjas.

“First of all, heroes must not reveal their identity. Jend, do you have any ideas?”

“Ah…… I told Aldin.”

“Be careful from now on.”


If their true identity is known, a villain with a grudge against them might take their loved ones hostage. That is why heroes hide their identities, I told them. All of them listened obediently.

“That being the case, we are changing the name. Rosarinjas is out of question!”


No, stop Ehh-ing me!

“That part is non-negotiable! I allowed it because it was supposed to be a one-shot joke, but my classmates already pointed out that I was involved! If you disobey, I will confiscate your transformation magic tools!”

“It’s a coerciooon!”

“… Ojousama, I think it’s pointless to change the name now, you know? There are only a few people in the Capital who don’t know about it by this time, and they already think it’s related to you.”


Jash attacked me with a good argument.

“Oneechan… no matter what?”


Kou tilted his head sadly and begged.



The silver wolf father and son were whimpering sadly with their ears and tails wagging. Don’t… don’t… don’t look at me like abandoned puppies whimpering sadly in the rain! Jash, you don’t have to join in! Take it easy! And Ordo and Kou, you don’t have to imitate them! I don’t understand!

“… Umm, please let us use the name of our precious master. We will not do anything to smear your name. Please! Let us use the name Rosarinjas!”

Jash suddenly fell down onto his knees.



“Lord, I beg you, too!!”

Geraldin-san followed.

“What is that?”

“Erm~ it’s called dogeza and it means I’m sorry~ Manya said you do that when you have a big request or when you are ready to accept a punishment by being stepped on.”

“Wait! The last part is obviously incorrect!”

Jed explained to Ordo, and Kou also listened while nodding, but the last part was clearly wrong! It seems that I will need to instruct Manya later. I have to puni… coach her properly. Let’s tattle to Martha, too.

“Oneechan, please!”

“Please allow it!”


Even the kids got down on their knees……… I couldn’t say no. In the end, Rosarinjas lived on.




“By the way, is Aldin going to be Rosarinja, too?”

“I told him he would be able to join only with Alphage-sama’s permission, since it’s not without danger.”

“I hope Aldin can become Rosarinja as soon as possible.”

Jend grinned.

“……… Ah~ yeah.”

I’m wondering whether the hero suit would be able to hide his glow… Alphage-sama, good luck for my peace of mind and your little brother’s safety!
God! Please deny Aldin-sama’s wish!

I even made a rare request to God… but I just want to report that… Shining White-sama’s intention was to succeed…

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