Chapter 328

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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There’s a limit to everything.
When I came out of the church, our magic beasts were showing their bellies. Mofumaru… well, he was probably turned over.

“…… What are you doing?”

“Lord’s mate, has become Lord’s companion. We are showing obedience to Lord’s companion.”

Is that a pose of submission? Dirk crouched down and looked into Mofumaru’s face.

“Rosarin thinks of you guys as friends, so I want you to be friends with me, too. If Rosarin comes to live with us, you guys can come, too. I won’t keep you apart.”


The other magic beasts also seemed to be moved and were all twinkling with excitement.

“Dirk! I fell in love with you all over again!”

“Eh!? Which part? Isn’t that a normal consideration if you’re going to marry me?”

Don’t tilt your head so cutely, you bastard! I will faint. I couldn’t resist and hugged him, and the magic beasts got on board. My darling, you’re so cool! He was so calm.

“Rosarin, by the way, it’s about time we face reality.”

“No way.”

“Well, what should we do? Seriously…”




Centered around the church was a human, then another human, and a beastman, and a human, human, beastman, beastman, elf, human, beastman, human, human, elf………… a lot of ‘em.

You weren’t here earlier! It was normal when we entered the church with Dirk earlier!

“Ojousama, congratulations! We are here to celebrateee!! All the villagers have come to celebrate with youu!!”

“T, thank you very much.”

Among those who learned of my marriage happened to be peasants from our territory, and because of the widespread use of communication devices in our territory, a communication network was immediately sent out… and like all the peasants in our territory came to congratulate me. The communication is way too fast! And we received a mountain of vegetables to celebrate.

“I couldn’t prepare anything but this, I worked very hard on these vegetables. Eat it.””

“Yes. I will use it carefully.”

Umu, I’m thankful. I am very happy to have freshly harvested vegetables. I’m glad everyone was so considerate, even though it was on such short notice.


“Rosarin-chaaan!! Congratulatioonsss!!”

“Chief! You are too excited!”


“Ahhh, geez, calm down a little!! Do you want to be done in!? Rather, I will end you physically!”

Oh, the hard-working Sugar-san and our Sui haven’t been able to hold back the elven villagers… I, it can’t be helped, right?
Sui’s grandfather was the representative from the Elven village to attend the wedding, and the residents of the festive Elven village also came to celebrate.

“Everyone, thank you!”


I waved my hand and the reaction was terrific!

“Don’t encourage him, Rosarin! Eei,it’s too much trouble, I’ll hang anyone who doesn’t do what I say! It’s fine to celebrate, but don’t be a nuisance!!”

Several people have already been hung… I wonder what they did. I’ll ask Sui later. But to go from being a prankster to being someone who stops pranks… Sui has grown up, hasn’t he?

“Meat, meat, meat, meat!!”

“Meat, meat, muscle.”

“Someone, make them stop!! Stop marching around!! Don’t add muscles to your chanting so randomly, either!!”

And, similarly, the Wolfaneans… there was no way that the merchants with their mercantile spirit could have missed this one big profitable event.
I mean, what is that suspicious white cloak trying to do! Is he harassing us!?

“Congratulations, Goddess-samaaa!!”

“No, it’s Miko-sama! Congratulationsss!!”

“Nono, it’s Saviour-samaaa! Congratulatioooons!!”

“All are wroooong!!”

You call me whatever you want, Wolfanea!! However, I’m not a Saintess, a Goddess, a Miko, or a Savior! I’m Dirk’s wife now, okay!!

I learned later that the merchants of Wolfanea arranged for them… the peasants of Wolfanea. It seems that it was a courtesy from the Wolfanean merchants to me, the Saintess, and they did not take transportation fees from those who came to celebrate with me. Well, I heard that they made money by selling all the Saintess’ goods in Christia and setting up food stalls since my wedding had turned into a festival.



“Dirk-samaaa!! Congratulationss!!”

“Muscles are invincible, Dirk-sama!!”


“Hustle, muscle, Dirk-sama!!”

“Hey!? What the hell is that! Stop that please!!”

Dirk rushes to stop them, but the hustling muscles don’t stop. It seems that Dirk also got believers at that muscle festival.



“I think it’s good for you to get the attention once in a while, Dirk.”


Dirk was teary-eyed, but I can’t do anything about this. I have no intention of doing so. Rather, if I could do something about it, I would go to stop the white cloaks.


“Bocchaaan!! Congratulatiooons!!”

“Dirk Bocchaaan!!”

The peasants of the Barton territory had also come to the party.

“Well, well, that crybaby bocchan has finally…”

“That bocchan who always got bullied…”

“Don’t bring up my dark history!”

W, what the heck, everyone came to celebrate, I guess. We received vegetables again. We won’t have to worry about vegetables for a while.



“Dirk, I’m so envious!!”

“Riajuu go explodeee!!”

“A beautiful younger girl with big tiddies that has a crush on me… and she’s a good cook… How wonderful is that? I want some of that!”

“I want a girlfriend, too!”

“…… Are the knights giving you their blessing?”

“…………………… Probably.”

No, there were some knights who gave their blessing. Mainly married men.

“… Should I set up the knights for a mixer…”

“Yeah… I feel like everyone’s staring at me… Rosarin-san, what are you doing?”

“Making them jea… just interlocking our fingers.”

I was doing a boob sandwich on Dirk’s arm.

“H, hey! I know you’re happy that your breasts are growing, but let’s not do this outside!”

“… It’s fine when we are alone, then? My Darling.”

When I consciously said it in a sweet tone, Dirk turned bright red. You are so cute, Dirk. No, he’s cool on the outside, cool-type beautiful. But inside he is as cute as ever.

“Dirk, switch with mee! Rather, please let me switch with you!!”

“A beauty’s boobie sandwich!!”

“……… I will… crush you, if you keep staring at Rosarin with those dirty eyes?”

Dirk changed his embarrassed expression and instantly calmed the knights down. The blood thirst has lowered your body temperature significantly, you know? You must not offend Dirk.


“Aya? Petals?”

Something fell from the sky.

“Rosarin, congratulations!!”

It appears that Ernst and the guys from the Magic Institute were flying in a formation and scattering flower petals.


But still, Christia, Wolfanea, and the Elves……… we are being celebrated by an amazing number of people……… yeah.



There are too many!!


At any rate, the wedding was no longer a wedding, but a festival… we could only laugh.

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