Chapter 329

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Her, the Godly arms.
It seems that this festival was unexpected even for Dirk, and he was completely… not sure what to do. No… it was amazing.
However, since they all came to celebrate with us, I would like to treat everyone who came.

“Is there a cook amongst our guests!? Or rather, Dan! I’m terribly sorry, but I need your help!”

“If it’s a request from Ojousama, I suppose I have no choice.”

In addition to Dan, cooks from Christia and Wolfanea have gathered. I took out a pile of ingredients from my pouch. There should be enough to cover this number of people. They each quickly started cooking. I pretend I didn’t hear any voices saying, “Wow… this is the legendary…” or “You would be able to build a house with just this piece.”

“Phew, time to show you how I get when I am serious.”

I raised my hands, and they increase in number as if they were alter egos. Those shining arms shined divinely…… roar, my chuunibyou!!

“The very Senju Kannon!”

Well, maybe just similar in appearance.

“Oh no! You really look like a thousand-armed Avalokiteśvara! I mean, there are so many! So many arms!!”

A large number of arms, arms, arms made of rings that seemed to grow out of my back. There were 30 in all. Rin, Rosalia, Valkyrie, and Engagement Ring-san shared the responsibility of cooking the food, and they cook it incessantly. Leaving the simple mixing and other tasks to the ring group, Rosalia and I did the difficult work of cutting, baking, boiling, seasoning, serving, and so on. It was a one-person operation, just like a factory. However, the large number of hands seemed to be frightening as everyone is looking away.

“’Rosarin, you’re scary to look at! You look scary!”

“Quiet! Kanata-san, please shut up and make takoyaki! Efficiency is our priority right now!”


Kanata-san took my rant to heart and really started making takoyaki. So obedient!

Sui, Arisa, Chita were working on more ingredients. Vegetables were cleaned by Kuurin. Haru was in charge of cutting, Kou in charge of grilling, and Haku for distributing the large amount of food with perfect balance. Holy Beast-sama and Darkness-sama also helped with the serving of the food. At first, Gora-chan said he would hide because he didn’t want to be mistaken for an ingredient, but it seems that he was removing poison from the poisonous ingredients. Later, he talked about it smugly. He wanted to help, huh. All of my children are very good.

“Do you want some help?”

“Yes, please!”

The Crystal Dragons joined in the cooking. They also controlled the fire. How convenient!

“…… Cooking with Dragon’s fire really is an experience!”

I decided not to listen to Dan’s mutterings. Isn’t it fine, it’s convenient.

“Rulan, turn down the heat. It will burn otherwise.”


“Dragon Oniisan, let’s get this one nice and browned.”

“Ou~ leave it to me.”

I found myself being kept at a distance. Are they not scared of the Crystal Dragons?

“Ojousama is a big deal, isn’t she…”

“She’s a fierce person who brings sweets to the village of Crystal Dragons…”

“Ah~ she’s Ojousama, after all…”


“Ah~ so you get it, too.”

Dan and Rulan understood each other in some way. No, it’s okay for people to go to the Dragon’s Village with sweet treats! It’s how we got to know each other!

I would like to complain, but we still have guests. So, we just kept on cooking…



We accomplished the feat of filling everyone up.

“Whoo, we did it!”

“I don’t want to cook for a while…”

“I don’t know how we managed to serve that many people…”

Everyone was filled with a sense of accomplishment. I was tired, too.

“Good job, Rosarin.”


I was so tired that I leaned on Dirk. The dinner party turned into a food festival, but it was fun.

“Fufu, you are spoiled.”

It’s been a long time since Dirk has squeezed me! I can’t help but enjoy it!

“Fueh, Dirk… I love you.”

“…………………… Do you do this on purpose?”

“Do what?”

“You are usually so dignified, but to smile so vulnerably and cutely… my wife is the cutest woman in the world!”

“Calm down!? It’s just your imagination! I’m neither dignified nor cute!”

It took quite a while for Dirk to quiet me down. And so, the surprise wedding came to an end, but………


(Miss Rosarin has a hundred hands.)

(Miss Rosarin can use dragons, spirits, and magic beasts to her bidding.)

(Miss Rosarin has her own believers. She is apparently famous for meat and muscles or something in Wolfanea.)

(Miss Rosarin has played with many men and dumped them all at her wedding.)

Anyway, the subtle rumors spread for a while, and Curtis was laughing, so I kicked him to the ground (outburst).

P.S. A child with pure curiosity asked me, “Rosarin-sama, do you really have a hundred hands?” By the way, when I replied that I had two hands, he was disappointed. I seriously considered whether I should show him, but I came to the conclusion that I didn’t want people to think the rumor was true, so I had no choice.

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