Chapter 327.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Wedding and ring.
I, Dirk, and the priest looked on with our mouths wide open. I was probably the first one to revive, as I was the most tolerant of the bunch.

“My dear rings, what are you doing?”

(We have made a decision.)

(In order to be useful to Lords.)

(To stay by Lords’ side.)

“I told you there’s no need for rings to be useful like that!”

Unfortunately, my cries were not heard. The Sage couldn’t help it, ‘My disciple is absurd.’ I thought I heard him muttering.


“That marriage, stooop it!!”

“What is it this time!?”

It was a fancy parrot… or not, it was the Crown Prince of Birdia. No, you are too late.


“”…… Eh?””

The little shadows did a splendid Shining Wizard. I can tell one is a Valkyrie (small, about the size of a child), but… the other one looked like… someone.

“Rosarin’s illegitimate child? Don’t they look like a mix of Rosarin and Dirk?”

At Curtis’ words, I looked closer at the child and sure enough, it was me, with dark hair, ears and tail… about 7 years old?

“I am Rosie! Master, I dealt with the enemy! Praise me!”

“… Eh? Yep. Good job?”


It’s probably a boy… I think. He was elated to be praised by Dirk.

“Err, you are?”

“Ah, Okaasan.”

Okaasan, he said. Does he mean me?



Silence~ The whole place quieted down.




“…………… Cheating?”

“Nonono, I did not, I did not! I am still a virgin, okay! I did not give a birth! In the first place, did you see me be pregnant!?”

No way they suspected me of cheating. But he looked too much like me to be a stranger. No, wait! What if it’s…

“Dirk’s Ring-sa~n?”



Rosie raised his hand.


“Dirk, the ring’s name is…?”

“Umm… I didn’t have a name for it, but the Commander told me to name it after a woman I liked……… I was a little embarrassed to name it the same, so I changed it a bit and named it Rosie…”

In other words, this child is Dirk’s ring.

“You know, we all made a decision. We want to be useful to our beloved masters, and we want to be by your side all the time. We will be in your care from now on, too!”

Rosie melted into the ring and fell into my hand.

“My Lord, I look forward being with you.”

Valkyrie also returned to the ring and fell into Dirk’s hand.

“Err……… can you put it on?”

“Ah, yes.”

We placed each other’s rings on each other’s fingers. The rings were designed with Riccar flowers and roses and were simple in looks, but they were filled with small stones of the spirits. In the center was a blue magic stone. My ring was silver, Dirk’s was a black and silver.

“Rosarin! Marry me!”

Ah, the parrot revived.

“I’m sorry. I… I want to marry Dirk. The truth is, I did not intend to get married just yet, but… this was a good opportunity.”

“E, even if I am the second! Please marry me!”

Birdia is an unusual country with few women, and polyandry.

“””Christia practices monogamy.”””

Even the priest tsked, and the Crown Prince sunk to the floor.

Dirk picked me up and proceeded. Something was sprinkled as we walked. Is it a rice shower?

“Are you ready, guys?”


In an instant, the stained-glass lighted up… is that the Rose of Light? And the water reflected more light, creating a rainbow. It seems to be a joint magic by Milfi, Elder brother, Cidar-kun and Mitchel-san. Chita happily flied around.


The Rose of Light, whose petals also shine, is beautiful.

“Be blessed by the Rose Saintess!”

Shushu-san shouted loudly. The crowd shouted their congratulations in loud voices.

“Congratulations! Be happy!”

“Thank you!”

“Rosarin, I didn’t ask for that magic. I’m happy for you. The people you helped are all congratulating you.”

“… It’s not just me. Don’t you always land your hand, Dirk?”

“… You think so?”

“That’s right! We are together!”

“… Yeah!”

“Thank you, everyone!”

“Thank you!”

We thanked everyone over and over until I walked through the door with Dirk.

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