Chapter 300

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Start of the new semester!
Summer vacation has ended and school started again today. I have not been going to school much, though. But from now on, I will be attending the same magic institute as my brother and Milfi. I am very excited.

Today is only the opening ceremony, so the studying will start tomorrow. I talked to my brother as we were being rocked in the carriage.

“Ah, by the way, I’m going to attend the magic institute starting tomorrow.”

“……………… Hah?”

“… Niisama, I haven’t contacted you because you were in Wolfanea all this time, but I too will be attending the magic institute starting tomorrow.”

“… Alright. Listen up, Rosarin. 90% of the people in the magic institute are either deviants or perverts. Refuse any food or drink offered to you. Don’t trust them. I’ll tell you who’s okay, and you can assume everyone else is a pervert. Even if they are acquaintances, you should think of them as criminals.”

“……… Yes?”

My brother’s eyes were serious. They wrote “serious” for real. Magic institute… will it be okay? It won’t be okay, right… I’m worried.

With some apprehension, the carriage arrived at the school.

“B, Big sis! G’morning!”

“You seem to be doing great, Big sis!”

Garb and Rufna came running. Rufna is a quintessential dog race. His tail was wagging. I want to touch it a little.

“Stop with the big sis. Or else… good morning to you, too. It’s a beautiful day today, isn’t it?”

I put on my noble smile, and they all pulled away. How rude! Niisama sees it occasionally! Sometimes!

“Oh my… everyone, what is the matter?”

“Stop Big sis… stop Rosarin Neesan, please. It was our mistake.”

They did dogeza. That much? However, it’s too late!”

“I see… I will change how I speak if you call me Rosarin-chan.”

“”Not possible.””


They rejected instantly. I was unintentionally hurt.

“I will give you the latest info as a welcome, so please spare us.”


“It’s about Wolfanea Squadron Rosarinja!”

“……… Nani?”

It was so shocking that I couldn’t help but take on a faux-Japanese flavor. I think a frail young lady would have fallen over already. I’m a healthy child now, so I won’t collapse.

“See, Big sis was involved after all!”

“Seriously~! Big sis! I admire the Rosarinjas very mu… muagh.”

These guys played me. But I am also angry at myself for falling for it so easily.

“Follow me.”


I had the two follow me and took them to the back of the school building.


“Describe in detail what you know about the Rosarinjas.”

Then Garb and Rufna told me about a mysterious masked group called the Wolfanea Squadron Rosarinja, who had recently appeared and were helping people all the time.

“Well, what is a Hiiro?” I remembered the time they asked. Explaining would be troublesome, so I used illusion magic to create a story of Hero accompanied by SFX to the best of my ability.

“Hii~ro~ is a fella who beats up bad guys?”

“Well, something like that. The rest of the time, they help people in need.”

“I see.”

I want to hit myself for responding appropriately at that time. They told me that the Rosarinjas are a group of people who help people in small ways, such as taking down purse-snatchers and bandits, carrying heavy bags for grandmothers, and so on.

They are not doing anything bad, so… it’s okay, right?

“There are rumors that it’s related to you because of the name, Big sis.”

“That’s not good at all! At any rate, I have nothing to do with that group! I just found out they do charity work like that!”

Anyway, I’m changing my name! First things first! It’s good that they are helping people all over the place, but I have nothing to do with it!

“… Big sis, the opening ceremony is going to start soon. We are going to be late.”

“That’s right. I understand that you are involved but unwilling, so I’ll tell the others that you don’t seem to be involved.”

“… Yeah.”

I was subtly comforted by Garb and Rufna as I headed to class.



“Rosarin, I want to join the Rosarinjas!”

When I entered the classroom, I was caught off guard by the shining White Prince.

“It has nothing to do with me!”

“That’s totally not true, right? Jend told me to ask you if I want to get in.”

“………… Milfi.”


“I am going to have a little chat with Aldin-sama. Perhaps I may not be able to attend the opening ceremony.”

“I understand. Take care.”

I came to the back of the school building again with Aldin-sama.

“Aldin-sama, a hero should never let his identity be known. You must never reveal your identity like that. By the way, you are telling me that Jend is a member of Rosarinjas…”

“I know. He showed me his transformation right in front of me, and he lent me his magic tools too.”

Jend… no, maybe I should explain to everyone that heroes are not allowed to tell reveal their identity.

I promised Aldin-sama that I would give him the magic tools if he had permission from his guardian, Alphage-sama.

By the way, I made it just in time for the opening ceremony. Needless to say, I was very tired from the first day.

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