Chapter 299

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An incident occurred.
The after-party was a standing buffet party in our garden. The food seems to be quite popular… n?

“What did ya say! Try saying that again!!”

“I wll say it again and again! No matter how highly she ranks as an adventurer, the Commander is too good for a commoner!”

“Ahh! Compared to Martha, the Knight Commander is a shit!! Shut up, you little brat who doesn’t know how to rise above a woman in rank!!”

A fight! By the time I thought that it was too late, it was too late. It was now adventurer vs. knight. The mood was one of instant confrontation.

“Won’t you stop it!”

The situation is heating up, partly because of the alcohol. The Adventurers’ Guild Master and Rudolph-san’s attempts to restrain them were drowned out by the angry shouts.


“No way.”

“… I will stop Martha. Send a word through the earrings when you are ready.”

“Even though I said no way!?”

I moved quickly and discreetly pulled on Martha’s dress, who I was sure was going to take them all down.

“Martha, it suits you so well. You are beautiful.”

The red cocktail dress was flattering on Martha.


“Kaasama and I worked really hard on it. Don’t dirty it, okay?”


“Everything’s fine. I will land you a hand. Dirk, where are you? Are you ready?”

“… I’m in the bushes on your right. I’m ready, but I don’t really want to do it.”

“I will give you a very cheesy signal, so please come out then.”

“Huh? Wait…”

As soon as I said that, I activated the magic. A flash of light and an explosion rings out. And then, with a background of billowing smoke, they appeared.

“Now… it’s time for judgment. The divinely blessed warrior, Knight Valkyrie descends!!”

Of course, the food was warded off to prevent the smoke from their entrance to spoil the dishes.

“Ah! You crazy armored bastard! You have nothing to do with this! Get out of my face!!”

He instantly flipped the adventurer who was trying to grab him and locked his joints. The adventurers were astonished.

“Y, you must be kidding!? That’s our Guild’s A-ranker, ya know!?”

“… I can play with you all, but what did you come here for in the first place? Are you not here to congratulate your old comrades, your bosses?”

Knight Valkyrie spoke out quietly. The adventurers and the knights looked aghast.

“Martha, I’m sorry.”

“We almost ruined it.”

“Commander, please forigve us!”

“Commander, I’m sorry!”

For now, both adventurers and knights seemed to have cooled off.

“Still, as expected of Knight Valkyrie-sama!”

One of the knights turned his glittering gaze on the Knight Valkyrie.


“Ah? You know this fella?”

“Yeah, I met them for the first time the other day at the Reyde Volcano… they were amazing. They destroyed a horde of monsters almost single-handedly.”

“No way! Isn’t Reyde Volcano a place with many high-level monsters!?”

”But Knight Valkyrie-sama has done it.”

The knight with a kind of smug look on his face said. The adventurer looked incredulous.

“So that is why they defeated an A-rank adventurer so easily, huh.”

The adventurers seemed convinced and looked at them with envy. Knight Valkyrie was clearly troubled by the sparkling beams around them.

“… Martha-san, Rudolph-san, congratulations on your marriage. I will excuse myself here!”

A magic caused a small explosion, and Knight Valkyrie took advantage of it and disappeared.

“Long live Knight Valkyrie-sama!”
“Knight Valkyrie-sama is the best!”

The Knight Valkyrie call by the knights continued for a while. Adventurers joined in. Noble knights in particular are often incompatible with adventurers, but they may have gotten along a bit better. Thank you, Knight Valkyrie. I will never forget your noble sacrifice.

“By the way, where will you live after the marriage, Martha?”

“I will continue living at the Rosenberg residence, you know?”
“New house.”

Oi. You should decide on that. Martha and Rudolph-san both stiffened.

“… What about your job?”

“I will continue.”
“You should quit.”

“………… I will continue.”

“………… Please quit.”

This time, the bride and groom are on tenterhooks. The killing spirit was strong. Martha and Rudolph-san are too strong, so people around can’t stop them. If they intervene, they could be seriously injured. Hey, hey, don’t bring out your weapons, okay?
But you should have discussed that beforehand! However, because I don’t want Martha to quit, I sided with her.

“Rudolph-san, I don’t think it’s too much to say that I’m the reason you and Martha are getting married.”

“… Yeah.”

“I think you also owe me because of some paperwork related to the Knights Order.”

“… Yeah.”

“So, please repay the loan in full. Martha will continue to work here and live in your new house.”

“Ojousama… however, I…”

“Or do you want to live with Rudolph-san at the Rosenberg residence?”

“Understood. I have no objection.”

“… Alright.”

At any rate, they were satisfied with the compromise. The bride and groom were about to have their first marital quarrel at the wedding. That was a close one.



“… Did it go well?”

“Yes, all thanks to Knight Valkyrie-sama.”

“I will never ever act as Knight Valkyrie again.”

Dirk quietly declared. That’s a waste.

Thus, the wedding was successfully completed thanks to the Knight Valkyrie. Thank you, Knight Valkyrie!

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