Chapter 298

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Wedding and attendees.
Today is Martha and Rudolph-san’s wedding. The day has finally arrived.

“Martha, you look beautiful…!”

“It suits you well.”

“Madam, Ojousama… I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

The tearful Martha was dressed in a pure white wedding dress.

“Don’t cry. The ceremony has yet to begin.”

“You are going to ruin your make-up, you know?”

“… Yes.”

“Nooooo! I am going to escort Marthaaaaa!”

“……… Excuse me.”

Martha’s expression instantly stiffened. Huh? Who?

“Pops, don’t over do it!”

“That’s right, Otousan. It cannot be helped.”

Martha’s parents and Arc were having some kind of trouble.

“What is going on?”

Martha’s Papa was so excited about her wedding that he tried to bring a fine catch to the wedding… and got his back injured. However, since it’s his daughter’s big day… he is insisting on escorting the bride.

“…… Shouldn’t I just heal him?”

When I used healing magic on him, Martha’s Papa… what an incredible movement! He’s moving more impressively than Ega-chan***! Calm down!

*** Japanese comedian

“Fuooooh! I’m healeeeed!”

“… Can I be escorted by Arc, after all?”

Martha said as she gazed at the dissapointing Martha Papa.

“If you are fine with Pops weeping.”

“Martha-chan, endure it.”

After being gently rejected by Arc and Martha Mama, Martha was reluctantly escorted by her Papa-san to the ceremony site.






“Red Deviiiiiil!”

“Bloodstained Queen!”

“Go exploooooode!!”

“Give me back my bet moneeey!”

Roughnecks… or rather, adventurers and knights, crowded around the church. Even the Free Wind was here! Or rather, what were the cries in the second half. Gigigi… Martha looked at me. Conversing with wind magic.

“I’m sorry… I went to the Adventurer’s Guild to get materials for the dress and the word spread fast… I know you wanted a small ceremony… but I wanted you to know that there are so many people who want to celebrate your happy day.”


Martha smiled softly. Then she shouted to the rough adventurers.

“You are welcome to attend the wedding, but those who yell strange things will later be bloodied or thrown out by Arc!! Understood!?”

“Gyahahahaha! That’s the Red Devil we know!”

“I’m relieved! Congrats!!”

Martha’s escort switched from Martha Papa to Rudolph-san. Martha Papa… was sobbing.

“What an incredible number of people.”

Dirk arrived next to me.

“I knew there wouldn’t be only people close to them, but…”

“Ugh. The knights wanted to celebrate Commander’s big day, too… everyone was pestering me to come…… I need to apologize to Commander later.”

“I see.”

That’s how much they adore him. Rudolph-san is rough around the edges, but he cares for his subordinates very deeply. He has a sense of responsibility, and he even went out of his way to help me with Dirk’s matters.

“Commander, be happy!!”


“I’m happy for you, Commander!!”

The knights are crying all over the place. The adventurers were simply loud. It was surreal.

And then the vow kiss… during the most romantic scene at the wedding, within the silence, the yapping of someone who couldn’t read the mood echoed.

“Deep kiss it! Don’t be holding back now!”

The man who appeared to be an adventurer was quickly dealt with by Ark. Martha, your face is scary… n? Rudolph-san whispered something to her and…………………………… long. Too long, Rudolph-san! Martha was punching him! She gave up!?
Martha was finally released, but she was bright red and gasping for breath. When she caught her breath, she gave Rudolph-san a blow to the stomach. Of course she did~

I had my spirits sprinkle rainbow-colored flowers on them.
Up to this point, it was a normal wedding. But then the incident happened.

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