Chapter 297

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One man’s fault is another’s lesson.
During the summer vacation, I generally work with Dirk every day unless I have other business. Homework? 3 days and I’m done. As a future Marchioness, I have to know the situation of the estate, the farmland, etc. My work is very varied.

Dirk staring at the documents is cool too. Ah, he seems to have lost his concentration.

“Dirk, let’s have a cup of tea.”

You should take a good break to work hard. Efficiency will drop otherwise. I guess it’s time for an early lunch. The kitchen of the Bartons’ house, which I know very well. The chef here is a friendly old man who smiles at me and gives me candy when I come in.
At first, the maids and butlers prepared tea, snacks, etc., but after I complained that I wanted to make tea for Dirk myself, they let me do it. I wonder why I feel a smiling look from them.

“Tiny Mistress, what is it today?”

“We are taking a little break. May I make some refreshments?”

“Our Young master is a glutton, after all. Do you need help?”

“Oh, then I would like you to chop some onions for me.”

I made a big pile of sandwiches, and shared some with the uncle as a thank you for his help, and returned to Dirk’s place.

“I’m back.”

“Welcome back, Rosarin.”

And so, we were having sandwiches and tea, but why was I being held in Dirk’s lap and not in my own chair, and why was I being fed? No, I was the one who was being swept along, but when I returned with the prepared the sandwich and tea, he beckoned me over… and this is what happens when I get swept along. I don’t understand.

“Here, Rosarin. Say ahh~”

“A, ahh~”

Dirk has been very proactive with the skin ship lately, and I feel like he is trying to stop my heart.

“Dirk, aren’t you being very sticky and sweet with me lately?”

“Eh? Yeah. I was just thinking that since I gave them such a great lecture, I should do my best, too. You are so cute, I can’t help but love you. Rosarin, I love you. I just want to hold you all the time.”

“I, I love you, too…”

When I looked up and our eyes met… Dirk was looking at me with a sweet expression on his face, as if he was about to melt. Oh, so sweet! I shouldn’t have looked! My heart is breaking!!

“Bocchan, we have gotten some good sweets, so we’d love to give them to Ojousama…………… excuse me. I will make sure people won’t barge in for a little while.”



We haven’t noticed the knocking, and the steward entered. He froze for a moment, but being a capable steward, he told us he would get rid of the people and withdrew, leaving only the pastries behind. I was the only one who was flustered, as Dirk seemed unconcerned.


What’s wrong with you, Dirk! You are so handsome, my heart is about to explode!

“You are too handsome, it’s making it too difficult for me…”

“Is that so?”

The habit of tilting your head is too cute, though.

“… I gave some advice to Commander and Martha-san.”


“But after thinking about it, I realized that there were places I could also do better. I want to stay with you forever…so, I decided to try a little harder to make you like me forever. Therefore…”

Dirk licked the edge of my mouth. Woah! You handsome man! E*otic cool!

“Seeing you so delighted and embarrassed makes me happy, too…”

My chest tightened. I felt a pang. I always think I love him more than ever. But… I love him even more.

“… To be honest, I fell all over you again. I thought it couldn’t be possible to love you even more, but…… Dirk… I love you.”

No, what’s wrong with me!? I’m always saying how much I love him! I knew Dirk wasn’t sure of himself, so I always made sure he at least knew that I loved him… because I say it often. Hey, why are you embarrassed now!? This is making me crazy!


“Eh, right now is… my heart is exploding!!”

Dirk kissed my ear.

“Not the eaaar!”

It tickles and makes me shiver! And don’t lick my neck either!

“Haah… you smell nice…”


It’s a damn shame play to be sniffed so openly! If you are going to sniff, at least do it secretly… no, that’s not exactly right, too!?
The shame play by Dirk continued until it became unbearable, and I cried out for mercy.

Somehow, I got spoiled a lot by Dirk…… it was indeed quite embarrassing, but I won’t tell him that it made me happy.

I wonder if this is how we will spend our time when we get married. Working, flirting… yeah. I am sure we will be happy in the future.

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