Chapter 285.1

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Unexpected reunion and princess carry.
Perhaps it was because of Kou’s presence, but there weren’t many monsters to be seen. We just kept on walking. The air felt strange, but… I was honestly bored.

“I would like to camp.”


“Yeah. Since we have come all this way to the mountains, we could pitch tents, have a barbecue, and sleep in sleeping bags together.”

“… Setting up encampment at night?”

“Setting up encampment at night, indeed.”

“Not~ like~ that~!!”

Dirk and Geraldin-san nodded their heads. But if you want to sleep in a tent in this world of monsters, you need a guards or lookouts. I made up my mind that I would do the camping I wanted to do at home when we get back.

“Hahaha, don’t be shy, My Lord. Kids love tents.”

“Yep, it’s fun, like creating a secret base.”

Dirk smiled with a gentle expression, and Jash nodded.

“I want to sleep in a tent!”

“… Is that so? Tents are hard to sleep in, ya know?”

Ordo probably has some experience with night camping. Jend was clearly disappointed.

“Well, monsters roam around here, so let’s set up a camp at home in our garden.”


While we were having this conversation, I felt a strong magic power. This magic power was………



Dirk carried me and ran off at a furious pace. My vision opened up. The trees had turned to charcoal around a dome-shaped ice field.

In the sky was a huge dragon. It seems that the surroundings were hit by its breath attack.

“Rocket punch!!”

It looked like it was going to spit out another breath attack, so I just took out the Valkyrie’s arm and sent it flying. It was a good hit, and the rocket punch I decided to use was an uppercut. The dragon wobbled away to the top of the mountain.



Everyone caught up to us.

“Thank you for your help, Miss Rosarin.”

The barrier was lifted and Alphage-sama, Curtis, and the knights came out.

“Why are you here, Alphage-sama?”

“There’s been a lot of monsters coming out of the mountains around here lately. I was tired of dealing with tons of paperwork, and fire monsters are a good match for me. I thought it would be a good time to train with the Freezing Rain, but… we ran into a huge one.”

“… I’m sorry about my Okaasan.”

Kou started sobbing. As I thought, that huge dragon was Kou’s mother.

“… Luckily, no one was injured or killed. It’s not your fault.”

“……… You are rather gentle, aren’t you, Alphage-sama?”


And you’re not used to being praised, are you? I don’t want you to burst into flames just because someone praises you.

“You are smart, beautiful, hardworking, and kind. And your little brother loves you.”

Rabisha-chan attacked.


Alphage-sama was completely healed. His face was all red, though.

“I, I believe that the large number of monsters that have appeared in the area this time were either chased out by that dragon or left for the countryside in fear.”

“That’s probably it.”

“What do you plan on doing, Miss Rosarin?”

“N? We are going to the summit. I have no doubts that something had happened to Kou’s mama, so we can’t just leave her alone.”

“… That’s going to be dangerous.”

“…… It won’t be as dangerous as the Great Tsunami.”

“That’s a bad comparison!! Haah… You will need the help of a powerful water wizard. You can’t defend against a dragon by yourself.”

“Ah~ that would certainly help, but… I cannot put you in any danger, Alphage-sama…”

It’s true that Freezing Rain is a supreme magic tool, and Alphage-sama in the game specializes in barriers and support as well as attack magic. He would be the strongest helper in this situation. It would be difficult for me alone to fight while protecting everyone, as he said. Also, because Rin and Rosalia have been separated once again, it would be possible, but… it would be quite difficult. But even so, I don’t want to involve the prince in this.

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