Chapter 284

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A Dragon’s request.
A few days passed after I found out that my Mother was pregnant. I put my ear to her belly. She was only three months old, so her belly wasn’t noticeable, and it didn’t make any noise.

“It’s your Oneechan~”


I talked to the child in her belly while Mother patted my head.

“Kaasama, I made clothes for the baby!”

In this world, babies only get wrapped in cloth or wear kimono-style clothes. So I made a rompers-type outfit! Of course, it has buttons that snap into place. I have also made a variety of toys based on the ones in Rin’s world.

“My, oh my… ufufu.”

“… You are like a grandpa who’s expecting his first grandchild…”

Elder brother said disgruntedly.

“Isn’t that just fine! Let’s spoil them to bits together, Niisama!”

“… Yeah.”

He was smiling wryly, but agreed with me. My Elder brother is also concerned about our Mother’s health, researching nourishing herbs and other nutritional requirements for pregnant women, and giving Dan instructions. Elder brother is also looking forward to his new family member, even though he doesn’t show it. By the way, Father was also scolded by Mother for buying too many baby goods. By the way, we donated most of the goods to an orphanage.

While we had such exchange, Kou came over.

“Oneechan, I have a favor to ask you.”

Kou, who looked unusually troubled, asked me for advice.





As of now, we were at the Reyde Volcano. Kou’s request was to meet his parents and introduce his friends to them.

As expected, we couldn’t take all of our children with us, so we decided to take Jend and Ordo. Geraldin-san gave us the OK, saying that they could defend themselves and that it would be a good experience for Jend.

The members this time were myself, Dirk, Kou, Geraldin-san, Jash, Ravisha-chan, Jend, and Ordo. The volcano was an active volcano, so I feel it was hotter than others… As usual, with Kou here, not many monsters appeared in our path.
What worried me more was that there was a bad presence coming from the entire mountain. Everyone seemed to be feeling it and tensed up.

There was also the matter with the Water Spirit King, so something might be happening to the Fire Spirit King as well.

Our goal was indeed the summit of the volcano. The Temple of Fire. It would have been easier if we could have reached it from the sky, but in the game, the top of the volcano was warded off, so we have to walk from the outside. It’s possible to teleport there, though, so if you go there once, you can get there next time easily.

“… Something always happens when Rosarin goes out, so let’s be vigilant.”

They all nodded in silence.

“Wait! Don’t talk about me like I’m a troublemaker!”

“I don’t think you are the culprit, and I’m not saying that. I’m just saying that I came here before with a request from the Knights Orders, and the atmosphere around here is strange now. I’m pretty sure something is going on. In addition, you strangely get involved in incidents, so I just said that we should be more careful.”

“… I see.”

Will there be demons or snakes… what will be waiting for us at the top of the volcano? We proceeded with caution.

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