Chapter 283.2

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And the best Papa in the world is…
“Jend has never said a bad thing about you Geraldin-san, he loves you very much.”

“… I see.”

“Rather, old men who neglect their wives and children are supposed to be the best in the world, isn’t that funny?”

“Guh.” ←Was traveling for a long time.

“Ugh.” ←Too busy with work.

“Nuh.” ←Was away due to imprisonment.

The fathers curled up at the unexpected attack from Sui.

“… Mother doesn’t hold a grudge that you are away all the time because you are doing your best to keep peace for everyone. But, I can tell that she is sad. I want to say that I want peace at home more than in the world… but I can’t. I would be condemned if I didn’t understand this. Mother is exhausted, her heart is broken, the home is cold, and she—”Wait, wait, wait!! He’s already downed! He’s already dead! Geraldin-san is flattened like never before!”

Geraldin-san was about to cry under Sui’s mental attack. No, my Father and Mitchell-san were also in tears.

“Otousan! You are with us now, so I’m not thinking anything like that!”

So you used to think that, didn’t you? I thought to myself, but I couldn’t interject out loud because Geraldin-san wouldn’t be able to recover. Sui seemed genuinely angry at Geraldin-san. He and Jend get along quite well, after all… ah… so that’s why he used that stinky plant. I solved the mystery. You can’t make enemies with my children.
I followed up with my Father and Mitchell-san.

“A, anyhow! The victor is everyone! I guess my Papa is number one!”

“No, Ojousama.”

With a somber look on her face, Rabisha-chan shook her head.

“The victor is you, Ojousama!!”


“First of all, in the first race, you were faster because your teleport is chantless.”


“You also got high marks for your teaching skills.”

“… Uh-huh.”

“You are normally also very good at hide-and-seek, aren’t you?”

“…………… Uh-huh.”

“Ojousama, you have a good fashion sense, too.”

“… You think so?”

“Yes. Your choices are always precise.”

Everyone nodded.

“In addition to that, you are strong, patient, wealthy, and attentive not only to your mate, but also to the children… Rosarin Ojousama is the best Papa in the world, isn’t she? Is what I discussed with Sui-kun.”


“Whyyy!? And so easily at that! What about the presenters and referees!!”

“… I feel like I understand.”

“Ojousama is… now that I think about it…”

“Certainly, if she were a man, she would be impeccable as a father.”

Jend, Jash, and Cidar-kun seem to be in agreement. Don’t be so convinced! And what do you mean by if I were a man… I’m a woman, so what!?

“That being the case, the winner is Ojousama!”

“How did it turn out like thiiis!?”

My sad cry echoed around the surroundings. And so the first “Who’s the Best Papa in the World” contest ended with me as the winner. My cry, “I didn’t participate, I’m the wrong gender, and I didn’t give a birth to a baby!” was lost in the void.



When the cleanup was finished, and we were about to disperse, my Mother smilingly summoned the family.

“Mama has something important to tell you.”


Everyone listened to my Mother’s words.

“Rosarin-chan will have a little brother or little sister.”

“………… Huh?”


“LIttle brother? Little sister? Pregnancy!? Hell yeaaaaaa!! Thank you, Mama! I will love them with all my heart!! When!? When is it going to be born!?”

“In seven months, maybe…”

“Yaaay!! Niisama! Family! A new family member! We are going to celebrate tonight! Dan! Make a feast… no, I’m going to cook, too! Tonight we paaaartyyyy!!”

Elder brother was stunned as I ran off.

“… Rosarin’s excitement is through the roof… Kaasama…”

He didn’t finish his sentence and averted his gaze.

“… Thank you… Cynthia.”

“… Ufufu. Rosarin-chan is going to love them, too. I thank you too, I’m very happy.”

Rufus embraced Cynthia, and the two kissed with gentle smiles on their faces.

The dinner was superb, we invited Mitchell-san’s family to join us, and we had a great time.

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