Chapter 283.1

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And the best Papa in the world is…
“And finally, the last contest. Whoever wins this battle is the winner!”

“Eh!? All the contests up until now were for nothing!?”

“No, it wouldn’t be interesting otherwise, because Master is so far ahead~”

Indeed, Father was miles ahead…

“That being the case, it’s time for Battle Royale! The winner is the one who can make his opponents say ‘I give up’! Weapons are allowed!”

After Rabisha-chan’s explanation, each of them went to prepare their gear. My Father wore clothes embroidered with magical protection, as he did when he was an adventurer, and he had a short sword with a magic stone at his waist.

“Papa, use this.”

“… This is…”

“It’s name is Hyouka. I made it for you.”

“… I will take good care of it.”

Hyouka is a wand with a large magical jewel with a snowflake on the tip.
Father, your ears are red. I wonder if he was pleased with it?

“Rosarin, I need a favor.”

“… Yes?”




“Now, let the Battle Royale begin!”

“Eat this!”

Mitchell-san used magic… no, his Revelation to make an ivy grow rapidly and entangle Geraldin-san.


“H, how dare you rip it oooff!?”

“U, unthinkable!! That plant is called the Devilwhip, and it’s supposed to be tough enough to subdue S-rank monsters!”

“Thank you for your explanation, Gator-san. Ohh!? Mitchell-san is continuing with his attack!”

Mitchell-san didn’t expect the Devilwhip to be able to stop Geraldin-san from the very start, so he continued attacking. However, even if rotten, he was a Hero. He was able to cut through easily. Mitchell-san had quite the skill, but it wasn’t enough. At this rate…

“Sabonova! Now!”


“Cactus Flash!!”

Sabnonova-san, so, so dazzling!

“Guahh! My eyes! My eyeees!”

However, the Hero’s movements remained unchanged. Incredible!

“Hey!? You can still see!?”


“I can’t, but I can smell!”

“A, amazing! As expected of the Hero! Even with his sight taken away, there is no change in his movements!”

“Now then.”

I’d better get ready. I changed my ring into a wand. I timed the activation of the technique.
My doughnut-shaped barrier and my Father’s ice magic were activated at the same time.

(Absolute Zero)

Ice-based, indiscriminate, wide-ranging magic exploded. However, my Father’s goal was not to put them on ice. The magic did not hit them.

“”Sooo, coooold!!””

The magic quickly lowered the temperature and blocked everyone’s movement

“Kuh… prepare yourself!”

Still, Geraldin-san went after my Father, but he lost his usual sharpness because of the cold.

“Referee, I give up. Sabonova is going to freeze otherwise.”

“Mitchell-san has forfeited. The battle is now one vs. one, Master vs. Geraldin-san!”

“Master knows how to use a sword too, huh…”

“He might look like that, but he was of equal skill with the Knight Commander Rudolph back in the day. There was a time when he wanted to be a knight rather than the Prime Minister.”

Is that so? I was sure he was the indoor type, so this is unexpected. It’s going to be hard for Geraldin-san, who can’t move as fast as he’d like in the cold, to beat my Father now. My Father is unexpectedly pretty strong.

“Ohh!? Master has cornered Geraldin-san!”

“… Give up?”

“I won’t. A lose is—”Uncle! Don’t bully my father!”



Jend had managed to find some stupidly strong power to break through my barrier and embraced Geraldin-san.

“Otousan is the best in the world! I love my Father the most! So don’t fight! Uwaaaaaaah!!”

Jend cried to Geraldin-san. Both of the fathers had troubled expressions.

“…… I will take it as my loss.”

“… No, I lost.”

“Jend, the match is over. Geraldin-san and I won’t fight anymore.”


“Yeah! No need to cry anymore!”


Father turned around and returned the temperature back to normal, and made all the ice disappear.

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