Chapter 282

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Cooking is Ragaraja… or not, it’s love!
“Next up… at times, Papas will have to cook the meal! That being the case, it’s a cooking showdown! We have prepared the ingredients for you!”

They were going to cook in our kitchen using a mountain of ingredients, but I was curious about the aprons that the participants were wearing, embroidered with the words “Cooking is Ragaraja”. I don’t have my friend, Kanata-san, here to help me understand how strange it is to have it embroidered in Japanese. I feel like everyone would probably wear it naturally even if it was embroidered with “Yakiniku Set Meal” or something like that.

Anyway, cooking is love!! I shouted to myself in my mind.




Geraldin-san took a piece of meat in his hands at random.

“Referees, I need to confirm something.”

“What is it?”

“… Are you going to feed this to my wife and sons?”

“The others will taste it as well, but please make it with that in mind.”

Rabisha-chan said.


Geraldin-san began to select the meat with a serious expression. What about vegetables? He was only choosing meat.

“Eh? To my wife and children? Mm… it should be all right?”

Mitchell-san nodded his head and selected some kind of grass. More fruits, vegetables, spices… and beans for protein? I wonder if he will be okay.

As for my Father… he was looking at flour. Wheat flour? Also meat, vegetables, spices… what can I say, he has picked a good balance of ingredients.



We waited for a while.



“I’m done!”

“Geraldin-san is finished! What kind of dishes are these?”

“Orc steak, Mink Rabbit steak, Magic Horse steak.”

“…… They are splendidly all steak.”

“Orc for Lumia, Mink Rabbit for Jend, and Magic Horse for Jash.”

“Tasting will be done by Ojousama!”


“The family members will taste it after Ojousama and then grade it!”

Let’s start with the Orc then.

“… Huh? It’s yummy.”

The meat was tender and the muscles were easily cut through. It was a little spicy, I guess?
The Mink Rabbit was sweetly seasoned. Magic Horse was tough, but maybe it was just right for Jash. It was crispy and salt based. There are Beastmen who don’t like spice, too.

“… It was delicious. Each dish most likely had the person eating in mind. I would love some vegetables, though. And rice.”

“Lord, steak is the only dish I can make. I have never cooked anything else.”

“………… I can see that. I will teach you how to make simple side dishes later.”


I was somewhat convinced that he could only make steak.
The rest was eaten by Lumia, Jash and Jend respectively. I also added some rice and boiled vegetables for them.

“Otousan, it’s yummy.”

“I see! Eat lots and grow gargantuan!”

“…… It’s delicious. So you remembered, Father.”

“… N? Yeah, it was rare to see you eating something so happily.”

Jash’s eyes were watering. It seems that Geraldin-san had hunted the Magic Horse meat for Jash in the past, and they had eaten it together, and he remembered how happy the young Jash had been.

“Is it good?”

“… Yes. It’s good.”

Geraldin-san gently stroked Jash, who was crying and wagging his tail. Jash is usually pushed around a lot, but this father and son seem to have a good relationship, after all.

“It’s been a long time since I had eaten your steak.”

“Does it taste good?”


Geraldin-san’s steak for Lumia-san has been prepared very carefuly. Geraldin-san was fawning over the smiling Lumia-san. I’m happy for you.




“Well, next up is Mitchell-san. What did you cook?”

“Salad, vegetable soup, and a fruit tart.”

He made enough for the whole family according to his usual habit, and since there was a lot of food, everyone ate it together.

“Veggies awe dewish!”

“Ufufu, it’s been a while since I have seen you cook.”

“I wanted to eat meat.”

“What did you say~? It was you who said how much you liked to eat my vegetable soup every time you were sick.”

“Bah! Wha! T, that’s long in the past, right!”

Cidar-kun was flustered and embarrassed. That’s rare. I will record it and pass it on to Milfi.

“It’s not that long ago, right~?”

“It is!”

“And so, how does it taste?”

“………… It’s great.”

Cidar-kun and Mitchell-san got along well.
They were eating well. Mitchell-san seemed to be experimenting with tasty cooking methods as part of his plant research, so everything tasted delicious. I was hoping for meat or fish, as Cidar-kun said, but the legumes are protein, so the nutrition value had no faults.

“I will give you half my meat, please give me some of your vegetables.”


Jend and Cidar-kun decided to share with each other. The dishes certainly compliment each other well.

“Although it’s only vegetables, the nutrition value and taste is perfect. The vegetable soup was especially wonderful. Please let me know the recipe next time.”

“That’s quite a high rating! Lastly, Master, please!”

“It’s an do-it-yourself sandwich and soup. You can put in it whatever ingredients you like.”

A thin bread, almost like naan, meat, fried eggs, fried fish, cut vegetables… and a few sauces. The soup was tomato soup, I think?

“So you can cook, Tousama?”

“Yes, I used to explore ruins and imitate adventurers in the past, so if I wanted to eat good food, I had to make it myself. I learned. It’s not as good as yours or Dan’s, but I guarantee it tastes good.”

He also made more of it, so we all ate it.

“Delish! Papa, it’s delicious!”

“… That so?”

“Let’s go on a picknick next time. We can make the meal together then.”


“Tou… Papa, it’s very good.”


My Father gently patted my Elder brother with a smile. Elder brother looked happy.

“You are admirable for not being picky. Cynthia… eat some vegetables, too.”

“Ugh~ I’m not good with veggies…”

“My beloved Cynthia… I made the soup just for you. You will surely like it.”

“… Delicious!”

At my Father’s urging, my Mother reluctantly drank the soup and seemed to like it. Father looked happy.

“Here, Cynthia…”


Father tore up some naan and made bite-sized sandwiches, and fed them to my Mother. They are so lovey-dovey.

“Niisama, should I feed you as well?”

“… Here.”



“Hamm… it’s delish.”

Elder brother fed me, so I fed him in return.

“… They sure get along well, Ru-sama and Ojousama.”

“Ru-sama is really affectionate to Ojousama… and Ojousama is also very attached to him.”

The results were as follows.


I guess the deciding factor was the good balance. But it was a wonderful cooking that took into consideration the person who was being fed.

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