Chapter 281

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Coordinated outfit showdown.
“Let’s move on! Papas have to be cool! That being the case, let’s have a coordinated outfit showdown!”

I don’t know how Mitchell-san’s sense is, but…

“Isn’t Geraldin-san at disadvantage?”

I had such thought. I somehow feel that he doesn’t care about what he wears. By the way, it would be unfair if there was a handicap based on financial strength, so we rented from Miss Butterfly’s store.

“Well then, go change everyone! The judging will be done by the wives and Miss Butterfly!”

“Why is an old man among them!?”

“Stop jesting, Ojousama… I’m not an old man… I’m Miss Butterfly!”

Ah, so he was a new species. I apologize. It was not a man nor a woman, it was Miss Butterfly.

The first one to come out was Mitchell-san. He wore an aristocratic green-based formal wear. The way he wore it and the way he acted was regal, and it suited him very well.

“Standard is the best, isn’t it?”

“Toutan sho cool~”

The father picked up the pipsqueak and gently carried him on his shoulders… he’s so handsome. Cidar-kun’s Mama also blushed like a maiden.

“Next one, Geraldin-san, please come out~”

Geraldin-san as wearing a beautiful navy blue-based Chinese… I meant, Wolfanean outfit with silver thread embroidery. It went great with his hair color. It was also sleeveless, so you could see the muscles in his arms!

“This is… wonderful! It matches his well-trained body, and he knows exactly what colors look good on him…! And the way he has pulled it down around his neck makes it even sexier…!”

Miss Butterfly was very excited. Calm down. Lumia-san was staring at her husband in fascination.

“Ohh… I have a feeling this is going to get high marks! Last husband, please come out.”







Father… my Father looks so young!!




The hair he usually combed us was down, his silhouette looked slender and simple. The simplicity of his shirt, pants and scarf, accentuated the quality of my Father’s raw materials.

“Papa… I’m going to marry you when I grow up!”

I hugged my Father tightly. He looked very delighted.

“Rosarin, what about Dirk!?”


“Ah!? Papa was just so cool I—!”

The mention of Dirk’s name brought me back to my senses. My Father’s charm is unbelievable!!

“You can’t. Papa is Mama’s.”

My Mother, with a sultry expression, took my Father’s arm. My mother is cute.

“You are so cute, Mama… my parents are the best in the world!”

“My, oh my, ufufu.”

Elder brother was also nodded with satisfaction.

“Let’s announce the results then!”


“Commentary about the results by Miss Butterfly. Please go ahead.”

“Let’s start with the third place. It was standard and good, but on the other hand, it was too standard and had no impact. The colors were all the same, but I think it would have been better if there had been a little more definition.”

The wives also nodded in agreement.

“As for the second place. The way you dressed, the color palette, it was amazing. You know what looks good on you, and you were really close to first place.”

Geraldin-san’s wagging tail shot straight up as Miss Butterfly threw him a kiss. No harm done, I think.

“Finally, first place. What a wonderful change of image! You have gone from your usual cool image to a calm, handsome young man! The simple yet subtle addition of the scarf to keep it from being too simple also added many points… I’m about to fall in love with you!”

Miss Butterfly wiggled. My Father paled. Don’t worry, I will protect you!

“No way, you can’t have him.”

Mother hugged Father tightly. My Father was all deredere. No, I lied. If you look closely, you can see his expression clearly.

“Ahem, it’s fine. My preferences are…”

She glanced at Mitchell-san and Geraldin-san. So she likes macho men, huh. The two of them shook their heads at high speed.

“Oh mi, how unfortunate. I thought of opening new doors for you.”

“Please don’t talk about such disreputable things in front of children. It’s not the kind of thing you talk about in front of a pure child like me.”

“… I don’t think you are pure or a child when you can understand what I said was disreputable, okay?”

“……… Oof. Am I an adult then?”

I am a child in appearance, but an adult in brain, somewhat like the great detective?

“You are Rosarin, right?”

Elder brother said nonchalantly. No, I don’t understand what you mean? Geraldin-san agreed.

“Umu. Lord is Lord. Not an adult nor a child. Just My Lord.”

Everyone told me that I was not a child or an adult, but “Rosarin”. A new breed of human beings. I understand.

… How did it become like this!?

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