Chapter 280.2

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Good at teaching and hide-and-seek.
“Ah, that’s not fair, Rosarin. Me too!”

“Ufufu, let Mama join in.”


“… Your face is a sorry sight, Master. Those who named you the Absolute Zero Lady-killer are going to cry.”

Certainly, Father is… easy to understand deredere. Or rather, what’s up with that nickname? What happened in Father’s past?

“… As long as I have my kids and wife… and I’m popular with them, that’s all that matters.”

You said it now, Father!

“You are so cool, Papa!”

“Ufufu, right?”

Mother was all smug-faced.

“Of course. Our Tousama is the world’s best.”

Elder brother was smug, too. I also think that our Father is the best in the world.

“Ru, call me Papa at home.”

“… Eh? Papa? U, understood.”

“Cyntia… thank you for giving birth to two such adorable children.”

“… Ufufu.”

My Mother was kissed on the forehead by Father. She looked happy, but… somehow… she looked like she was having fun? I felt something wrong with Mother, but before I could confirm, Mitchell-san came.

“Well, I found the youngest with my Revelation, but it looks like Cidar is hiding really well, and I can’t find him by asking the plants. Do you have any hints for me? I can’t possibly predict his behavior after three years away from him.”

“… He wouldn’t change much after three years apart. Think about it, where would the Cidar-kun of three years ago hide? Cidar-kun just nullified your Revelation, he wouldn’t hide where he couldn’t be found.”

“… Oh, that’s right. Alright, Papa is going to look for your Nii~nii! Ah, referee! Can I look for him with the child?”


“Alright, let’s have a contest to see who is going to find your Nii~nii forst!”


After a while, the joyful Father and child found Cidar-kun. It was refreshing to see the normally mature Cidar-kun playing like a child. I’m going to secretly record it and pass it on to Milfi.

“You were right, Ojousan.”

Mitchell-san later spoke to me in secret. I’m glad the Rattle family seems to be getting along well.


As for Geraldin-san, the useless father who couldn’t find his children, was running around. This detective was a musclehead who searched with his feet.

“I guess there was no need to block his sense of smell…”

Sui tilted his head.


“My kids have an unusual quality for hide-and-seek… Mary was stuck in the most unlikely places, Nex was hiding in a hole he dug the day before, Pocchi had assimilated by drawing amazing pictures on the cloth, and Ordo, as a former assassin, was concealed for ambush instead of playing hide-and-seek.”

“The reason why the children’s hide-and-seek quality is so extraordinary is because they are playing with you, Ojousama. They hide normally when I’m searching. When it’s you, you will be able to find them no matter what, so they get really serious.”

“… So it’s my fault!? Or rather, are you not going to hide?”

Jash cast down his eyes sadly.

“… If a man this impressive can’t find me now, he wouldn’t ever find me when I hide.”

Indeed, the old man running around did not notice Jash in the slightest.

“… It’s because you are always trying to hide your presence!”

“… We will have to use firecrackers or something…”

“That wouldn’t be a hide-and-seek anymore!”

While Jash and I were exchanging words, Geraldin-san hit a tree and Jend fell down. What luck!

“Ohh, Jend! I found ya!”

“Kyahahahaha! Yay! I got found.”

Their tails wagged at each other happily.

“Refrees! I found them!”


“What about Jash-san?”

“He has been hiding behind that tree since the start.”

“… He was.”

Geraldin-san said he had noticed Jash. Geraldin-san I wish you could have noticed the sadness of your son while you were recklessly rampaging around…

“So you have noticed.”

“Umu! Our eyes met, but you were talking with Lord, so I assumed it counted as me finding you… or no? Did I have to tell you that I found you?”

“… No. Thank you for finding me.”

“Umu! Fuhahaha!”


“Otousan is so strong!”

“Ha, ha, ha.”

Geraldin-san was in a good mood, running around with Jash in his right hand and Jend in his left. Jash’s tail was also flapping as he complained. Good for you, Jash. Jend looked like he’s having a normal fun time.
Incidentally, I found out that Geraldin-san’s super intuition has mutated and was specialized for fighting and detecting abnormalities in a wide area, and thus, not suitable for searching. In other words, I felt sorry for Geraldin-san, who was forced to smell the stench for nothing.

By the way, the rankings are as follows.


Father was currently in the lead.

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