Chapter 280.1

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Good at teaching and hide-and-seek.
Next, fresh recruits knights we borrowed all the way from the Knights Order came.

“Papas have to teach their kids various things! So, it’s a showdown of teaching skills! I will leave it to each of you to decide what you are good at teaching!”

There were nine rookie knights in total, and the papas held lessons in turn, and we then asked each of them how they felt about it.

It was a simple contest, so we will skip it. The results are as follows.


“What do you think of this unexpected result, commentators? The scholar Mitchell-san ended up last!”

“Our Master had useful information for new knights, and it was easy to understand, wasn’t it? He even used a sample to show them how to fill out the forms and correct their mistakes. For Geraldin-sama… as expected, being able to practice with the Hero is invaluable experience… knights, even if rookies, should have no difficulty understanding what he was trying to convey.”

“To add to this, Geraldin-san had learned thanks to me and Jend how to go easy on his opponents, so this might unexpectedly be his strong point.”

“Ohh, thank you, Ojousama, for your input.”

“… Mitchell-sama is just too passionate about his plants. The knights were taken aback. His subject… I found it interesting, though.”

“I’m glad… I was able to witness Teacher’s lecture.”

My Elder brother’s eyes were sparkling. I also listened to it, but the knights had no interest in plants, so some of them were even dozing off.

“… How about something like this instead?”

How to defeat plant-based monsters, their weaknesses, precautions for walking in the forest, how to recognize mimicry, etc. I used the illusion magic to explain what should be useful information for knights.

“It was easy to understand!”

“Thank you very much!”

It was well-received.

“I guess Ojousama took the first place?”

“No, I’m not participating, okay! I’m of a different gender, okay!”

“… But, Oneechan is good at teaching, right?”


The children nodded their heads.

However, there were some unexpected results, such as Geraldin-san coming in last place in sprint, and Mitchell-san coming in last place in teaching.

“Well then, next is… Papas should be able to find their children! It should be easy if you know what they usually do! It’s a hide-and-seek showdown! By the way, Geraldin-san will receive a handicap of not being able to search by the sense of smell. I’m going to disable your sense of smell now.”

How are you going to disable it? While thinking such, I heard a scream.


Geraldin-san was writhing. Sui who stood nearby was holding something in his hands… and it was emitting an awful smell.

“… What is that?”

“N? The world’s stinkiest flower, Eight-legged Sock.”

It certainly smelled bad. But I had something important to tell Sui.


“… Geraldin-san has abnormal status nullifying earrings.”


He took it off and had to take another sniff. I felt sorry for him. Mitchell-san was also a Beastman, so he was nearly forced to smell it too, but he refused, saying that there were other smell-numbing plants. So he used a different plant. It appears that Geraldin-san was a wasted sacrifice.
I apologize for our Sui. It was probably on purpose. I decided to scold him later.



Unlike ordinary hide-and-seek, there was an irregular rule. My Father was looking for me and my Elder brother, Geraldin-san was looking for Jash and Jend, and Mitchell-san was looking for his pipsqueak (the youngest) and Cidar-kun. By the way, they were also brought here for the showdown.

“… I apologize for my Old man.”

“… I also apologize for Father and Uncle.”

We apologized to each other. Now then, let’s recover and start the game.

“Where do I hide…”

The hiding place was within the compound of the mansion… I wonder if they can find us today… I hid inside a jar in the parlor.

“Rosarin, I found you.”

I was found immediately. Ehhh…

“How did you know?”

“I thought you would hide indoors so as not to get your clothes dirty, and I thought you wouldn’t hide in a place that was too hard to find. I was looking for a reasonably obscure place, and there you were. Ru is probably in a place with plants. The garden… no, the greenhouse.”

“There are trees in the garden too, you know? Yggdrasil-san for example.”

“Ru doesn’t climb trees because he doesn’t want to hurt them. Yggdrasil is a possibility, but Ru is probably tending to his plants in the greenhouse right now.”

My Father’s guess was correct.

“You have to hide, Niisama.”

“A, ahahaha… I just thought I should clean up a little beforehand…”

When we returned, we were told that Father was the fastest.

“Well done, Master! You were able to read your children’s behavior!”


“Well… it means he knows his son and daughter well.”

“Indeed… I could predict where Ru-sama would hide because I’m often by his side, but not you, Ojousama. I’m rather surprised that you were hiding normally I thought you were going to use magic or show some useless quality of yours.”

What do you mean, Gator, oy. I wouldn’t harass my Father like that!

“… Rosarin would never intentionally trouble me.”

“Papa, I love you!”

My Father really knows me well.

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