Chapter 279

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Best Papa in the world.
When I healed Father’s tendonitis, the Hero spoke as if he wanted to compete.

“Hahahahaha! Children! I’m going to toss you high and even higher!”


“Otousan, you are so cool!”

“… Ohh…”

Mary, Jend, and Ordo gathered around the old man. Don’t be jealous now, old man.

“Huh? Are you not going over Pochi, Nex?”

“…… (Shakes head).”

“Yeah. Jend’s Papa’s high, high is for advanced-level users.”


I was able to understand Pochi’s explanation right away.


“Gyaaaah!? Scary, scary! I will fall, I will faaall!”

That’s not high, high. That’s throwing! That’s definitely for advanced-level users only… or rather, it’s dangerous for those with physically weak bodies. I’m getting sick just from watching.

“You see, Nex and I wrote you a letter, Papa-san.”

“………… (Nod).”

They handed the letter to my Father while fidgeting.

Father looked happy. Lemme see? What kind of letter is it…

“So good! Did you draw this, Pochi!? That’s amazing!”

The picture was so good that it looked like a portrait, and the poor handwriting that said, “Thank you for everything”, “I love you,” and “Thank you for all your hard work” was unbalanced.

“… I will frame it. Pochi, Nex… thank you so much.”

Father looked expressionless, but he was smiling faintly. He gently stroked Pocchi and Nex’s heads.

“Ehehe. You see, we are really happy you took us in, Papa-san. Thank you so much for everything.”

“… (Smile).”

“I love you, Papa! You are the world’s best Papa!!”

“Rosarin…! Pochi, Nex… you are my precious children, even if we are not related by blood!”

Father cried!? We all squeezed him together.

“Ojousama… your lip-service was too much.”

“That wasn’t a service! I think it’s wonderful how kind he has been to all the children I selfishly brought here! I’m just praising him honestly! Our family’s Papa is the best in the world!”

“Mary loves Papa-san, too! I will hug you!”

“Me too!”

“…… Can I join in?”

Mary, Jend, and Ordo returned. You even won Ordo over, how amazing! When did he get so attached to you!?

My father was embarrassed and gave everyone a hug. His expression didn’t change, but his ears were red, so he must have been embarrassed. I think.

“Nyafufu, Papa is great at patting~”

And before I noticed, Mary was also quite attached to Father. She’s more of a daughter than me…

“Kuh… Rufus-dono, let’s have a contest to see who is the better father!”

No, don’t do that, okay? How do you decide who’s better? The old man whose son was stolen said something incomprehensible.

“I shall accept.”

Father accepted! Ehhhh!? Anyhow, when I hurriedly contacted Elder brother about this, Mitchell-san found it amusing and wanted to participate as well. Is this really okay?




“Now then, let’s see who’s the best Papa in the world! Presented to you by Rabisha! Commentary by…”

“… Ark.”

“…… Gator.”

“The dissatisfied attendant duo!”


Their interjections are in sync.

“In order to make sure that the judges are impartial, the judges are the prank-loving tsundere Sui-kun and the rather sensible Haru-kun.”


“… Want me to make you cry?”

“Now, now… do your best, everyone~”

“Ah, I have been imprisoned for a long time and thus my body is weak, so can I have my Revelation (a plant) go in my stead?”

Mitchell-san raised his hand.


“… Is magic permitted?”

Father raised his hand next.


“… Or rather, we have a physical monster (Geraldin-san) competing, so I don’t think you could compete without it.”

“”I see.””

My Father and Mitchell-san nodded at the sharp Sui’s words. This is not important, but it seems that Mitchell-san and Geraldin-san were also childhood friends.



“Now, for the first round, save the child from danger! Fathers must escape with their children in case of emergency! So, please take your Ojousama and run away!”

The order was drawn by lot, and the first one was Mitchell-san.

“Well then, ready, go~!!”



To be honest, I was caught off guard. My opponent was a friend of the insane Geraldin-san, a fierce competitor who modified moss during his imprisonment. He also joined for fun, knowing Geraldin-san.


To think he would be using Sabonova-san!! Sabonova-san is Legendia, a King Cactus, a monster with the highest ranking mobility. I became one with the wind while carried in its arms.


The moment I thought I got drunk from the movement… I recovered. It appears that the abnormal state nuliffication of my earrings had activated. Mitchell-san, this wouldn’t be possible for ordinary people.

“Fast! How is the cactus so fast!?”

“The Legendia, King Cactus, is SSS-rank plant-type monster with the highest speed… Ojousama, are you okay?”

Gator seemed to be knowledgeable about this as my Elder brother’s assistant. And no, I’m not okay.

“Niisan, thank you for your explanation! Ark-san’s only input was his impressions, I see.”




Next was my Father.

“… With magic, you don’t even need to run…”

Understanding my hint, Father activated teleport magic.

“To think it was a teleport! There certainly were no rules about having to run! Referees, your verdict!?”


“That being the case, Master temporarily takes the first place!”



The last one to go was Geraldin-san. And I had a bad feeling about it.


Geraldin-san transformed into Wolfanean Mask. It seems that he upgraded his physical strength even more.


!? He was concentrating magic power into his legs! T, this is not good!!


It was an explosive, true rocket start. I felt like we crossed the speed of sound, and when I thought I had been subjected to an incomparable amount of G’s compared to Sabonova, we had reached the goal. I’m glad I put on a barrier in a hurry… my head was so dizzy from the movement. I feel faint…

“Well then, let’s announce the results!”


Geraldin-san was the fastest in terms of time. However, since this event was about “Helping the child escape,” points were deducted for any damage done to me after the rescue. That’s why I came to this conclusion.

When I was asked why it had to be me (the one getting rescued), I replied, “I would be able to handle it if something unforeseen happened.” If a non-combatant like Pochi had been carried, it would have been a disaster. Rather, for an event as simple as a sprint to end up like this… I feel anxious for what’s next. I hope that the next one will go decently.

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