Chapter 278.2

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Returning home.
“I’m home~”

“Welcome back, Ojousama.”

“Welcome home, Rosarin-chan.”

“Welcome home, Oneechan.”


“Welcome home, Ojousama.”

“Welcome back, Rosarin.”

Martha, Mother… when everyone welcomed me back, I realized I was finally home.

“Huh? Tousama?”

It’s still too early for Father to be home.

“He finished all of his work before you returned, Ojousama. He was able to return home early thanks to that. The power of a doting parent is frightening.”

Ark explained, even though he talked about it as if it’s some girl power.

“… Tousama…”

“… I wanted to welcome you home.”

Father got all dere! There was something that needed healing.

“Tousa… ehm, Papa hug!”


Father froze. Oh, that brings back memories. I saw the same thing before.

“………… Buhh.”

“Yes, Father. I don’t care if you freeze, but you need to breathe. Deep breath, deep breath.

“Hu, huhuhuhuhug?”

Why was he so shaken? Is it that rare for me to act spoiled?

“I want to go high, high.”

“Alright, leave it to me! I’m going to do it until I get tendonitis!”


“No, just do it a few times like normal…”

I don’t want to force you to do such a painful task. My father lifted me lightly. Wow, so high! And my Father was pretty good at spinning me around.

“Ahaha, I love you, Papa.”

Father froze again. Huh? Father?

“… Kuh… so this is what happiness feels like…”

Ah, so he was happy? I don’t really act spoiled very much, so… I’m sorry for not acting like a child, Father.

I looked behind me and saw a queue forming.

“Do high, high to Mary too~ Papa-san!”

“E, erm… me too, please.”

“…………… (Bobs head).”

“Me too, me too!”

It appears the kids wanted to go high, high as well.

“Papa… ahem, Tousama, please do it for everyone.”

“… Call me Papa at home.”

“… O, okay.”

My Father looked happy to be surrounded by children. It’s rare for him to see him smile clearly.

“Rosarin-chan, give a hug to Mama, too~”


Moher smells good.

“Papa looks happy.”

“That he does.”

“Mama is also happy.”

“Me too. Mama, Papa… and everyone, I love you all!”

Father, who had a queue to get through, got tendinitis as he declared, but he looked happy, so I decided it was okay. By the way, I quickly healed him with magic.

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