Chapter 278.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Returning home.
Today, I’m returning to Christia.

“Cidar-kun… please take good care of my brother, my Elder brother!”

I got down on my knees and begged Cidar-kun to take care of my brother. He had some research to do, so he was going to stay in Wolfanea for a while longer. He said he would be back before Martha’s wedding.

“I owe you guys too much. I plan on paying you back little by little, so I can take care of Ru anytime.”

“You are so handsome, Cidar-kun! I have no choice but to approve you as Milfi’s mate!”

“You didn’t approve before!?”

While I was doing such a short comedy skit, I heard the sound of an explosion from behind Cidar-kun.

“… Rosarin, take care. I will see you again at the beginning of the new school year. Leave the idiots to me.”

Cidar-kun snapped with a refreshing smile on his face. He ran angrily towards the sound of the explosion.

“What did you do this time!! You three fooools!!”

Cidar-kun… the peace of Wolfanea depends on you. I watched Cidar-kun’s back with a distant look.

“You helped us so much. Come to play again.”

“I really, really, really, thank you from the bottom of my heart!!”

Oscar-san patted my head and Andre-san shouted with his head bowed down. Kanata-san and Shushu-san were still in the midst of honeymoon. I left them a verbal message, “Do your best.”

“I will come again.”

I said my farewells to Leor-san and Dirk’s relatives… I banned them from seeing me off, telling them to get to work because I know the Wolfanean royals are busy, and returned to Christia.




“See you tomorrow, Rosarin.”


When I said goodbye to Dirk at the Rosenberg mansion, I felt my heart throb when he said goodbye back to me.

“We will enter first.”

“Take your time, Ojousama~”

My personal maid and servant, who were very perceptive, dragged my remaining servant, who was not so perceptive, along.

“Why are you dragging me?”

“”Because you are a hindrance.””

You guys, aren’t you treating Geraldin-san way too horribly? Well, that’s fine with me, I guess.

“Umm… yes. See you tomorrow.”

When I smiled at him and tried to leave… ju, just a little bit! I didn’t want to part, so I hugged him.


“I’m charging up, wait a moment…”

“… I don’t want to make you lonely, but it’s cute and nice to see you not wanting to leave me. I wil be waiting for you tomorrow, my lovely bride.”

He kissed me and left while I was still dumbfounded.

I slumped down and stared at Dirk’s back. T, too cool! When did you learn such a technique…? As I writhed in agony, Rabisha-chan, who was supposed to be at home, teased me.

“Kyaa! How heart-throbbing! How exciting! To leave you with a goodbye kiss, how cool of Dirk-san!”

“I’m of the same opinion, but since when were you here!?”

“Eh? We left the luggage here, so I returned right away, and happened to see you hug—”Forget it!!”

“No, I’m going to tell the other maids when I see them ne—”Stop selling your master’s privacyyyy!!”

While having such a silly exchange with Rabisha-chan, I finally went home.

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