Chapter 277.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Failure is an indispensable part of experimenting.


“Don’t Rosarin me! There’s no way I can calm down when you are nake… almost bareee!! Dirk you perveeeert!!”

Well, I needed to calm down first, but… When I came to my senses, I already escaped, dried my clothes and holed myself up in the guest room, but no matter how I thought about this… I thought it over and over again, it was me who was at fault.

Teleporting is convenient, but you have to check the other party’s situation beforehand.
It’s good that it was “just” the bathroom this time, but… for example… it would be quite awkward if one of us was sitting on the throne or already having a sweet dream, and if we were in a small place or caught in a trap inside a dungeon, it could be deadly if we are not careful. When I was thinking that I should add a communication function, the charm started to glow.


Rosarin Rosenberg is an inhabitant of the planet Careless. What’s the point of barricading yourself in your room if you have this charm! Dirk is able to control his magic power now and use magic tools.


Dirk has teleported over.

“Rosarin, are you angry? Sorry… I should have taken you out of the bathroom right away, but I was confused too…”

My sweet Dirk. He’s stably angelic as always, even though I almost took it out on him and ran away.

“… No, I don’t understand why I should be angry. Rather, it is me who is guilty of peeking at you… you have a pretty body.”

“… Hah!? N, no, I have quite a lot of scars on my body, so it really can’t be called pretty, you know?”

“No, you ave a well-proportioned body with the right amount of muscle… I love it.”

“T, thank you. And so, why did you teleport over all of a sudden? Did you have something urgent to discuss with me?”

“… I’m sorry! I didn’t know you were bathing…!”

I got down on my knees. Dirk nodded his head. Dirk seems to have become normalized to seeing me on my knees. So he got used to seeing me dogeza… What should I think of this?

“No, well… that doesn’t matter now, didn’t you have some kind of business with me?”

I wouldn’t say it doesn’t matter, but thoughts were spinning somewhat out of control. H, how do I deceive him?

“Ah! Let’s add communication function to the charms! It would be terrible if one of us teleported over while the other was on the toilet!”

“Ah, yeah.”

Dirk gave me the charm obediently. Please! Please misunderstand that my business with you was casting this magic on the charm!

“…… You know.”

“Hiyah!? I, I’m finished with the chwarm!”

I was so anxious that I bit my tongue. Dirk ignored that and took his charm back.

“Thank you. And so, what was it? The only reason you’re adding the communication feature is because of this debacle, right?”

“……… That’s right.”


“You have been trying so hard to change the subject, but if you don’t want to talk about it, you don’t have to.”

Uuuhhhh! I have been found out! And Dirk, you are so sweet! Your ears and tail are slightly twitching! I’m sure you are curious. However, he prioritizes my feelings first… I feel guilty… it’s not a big deal! Just say it! Say it plainly, Rosarin!

“Umm… I had lots of fun today… so, err… the time we spend together tomorrow will decrease again… and so, I, I wanted to see you? Aha, aha, ahahahaha~”

“… Yeah.”

I’m sorry, please don’t get bashful! That gesture of covering your mouth with your hand is my personal favorite, so it’s delicious. However, even though I didn’t have any business with you, I was with you until now, but I got lonely immediately because I can’t be with you all the time tomorrow… I’m dying of shame… Somebody help me!

“I see… fu, fufu, how cute… how cute you are… it’s so difficult for me when you are this cute… Rosarin, can I take you home with me already?”

I got hugged cheek-to-cheek by Dirk. I don’t know if it’s my fault or not, but I feel like Dirk is really into me lately.

“I wanna get taken away, but… my family would be sad…”

“…… Certainly. Looks like I have to endure until the marriage. Shall we sleep together tonight?”

“Yes. Let’s talk a lot.”





We were relaxing on the bed and having a pleasant conversation.
“Still, I was surprised earlier. I was thinking about you, and then you suddenly appeared in front of me, not being able to breathe.“

“Ugh, I’m sorry for startling you. Speaking of which, why did you bring your charm into the bathroom?”

“I, I was so happy we had matching ones… I wanted to gaze at it.”

I think the embarrassed Dirk has more maiden power than I do. I am completely defeated.

“I see. Umm… I wasn’t breathing, or rather, I swallowed a lot of water, so what made it much more comfortable for me was…”

“……… When I sucked out the water.”

“In other words, when you deeply kissed me while completely nud—”That wasn’t a kiss, but a resuscitation!!

“… You are my benefactor. But, either way, I feel that I won’t be able to marry anyone but you after this.”

“Ro, Rosarin, you just have to marry me, so it’s fine.”

“Ehehe, okay. I love you…”

I was so tired from all the crying and screaming that I fell asleep in a flash.

“… You fell asleep now!? Ugh… your sleeping face is so cute, too… I’m glad you have been acting so spoiled toward me lately. I’m also glad that you asked me for help.”

In my fading consciousness, I thought I heard Dirk’s voice.

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