Chapter 277.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Failure is an indispensable part of experimenting.
I returned Shushu-san’s mansion with Dirk. Well, there was a lot going on, but I was able to have some flirty time with Dirk, so I was satisfied.

“It was lots of fun, Dirk.”


We held hands and laughed at each other. After dinner, I was packing my bags to go back home tomorrow… It was a simple task of stuffing my luggage into the pouch… but as I was packing, I saw a charm.

“… I think I will give it a shot.”

No, you are wrong. It’s not like I want to see Dirk so soon after parting with him just a moment ago, this is just an experiment! Yes, an experiment! It wouldn’t be a good to use it in a real battle for the first time and have it not work! I made an excuse in my mind and activated the charm.


W, what!? Water… no, hot water!? Just after the teleport, my surroundings were suddenly underwater, and I drank a lot of water.

“……!? ………!?”

I couldn’t breathe. The water prevented me from breathing. I was then pulled out of the water by a strong force.


“…!? …… N, fuh…”

It seems that something sucked out the water, and I could finally breathe again.

“Fuh… cough.”

“Are you okay? Breathe slowly.”

“I… I’m fwine…… cough.”

Finally, I could see my surroundings. I was being lifted with hands under my armpits.

Wait… lifted? The hands that were lifting me up were sturdy… There was a black and skin tone in my field of vision…… a lot of skin tone, actually?… My eyes met with a worried Dirk who was lifting me up, but I was having none of it.

“Ojousama!? Just what happened to you!?”

“Lord? Were you drowning?”

This was apparently a bathhouse. Even my beloved Dirk was completely naked. No one is stupid enough to bathe with clothes on. And since he was lifting me up… he was in full view! And don’t come over while naked, my servants!! Dirk’s nakedness alone is enough to fill me uuuup! Don’t show them! Hide them!! Not even a glimpseeee!!

“Cough, cough.”

“Rosarin, are you alright!?”

I was so upset that I was coughing even more. I wanted to scream at them to hide them, but the more impatient I got, the more I couldn’t breathe properly.
Hiaaah!? Don’t hug me and rub my back! It’s hitting meee!? I don’t know if I’m spinning out of control, but I really can’t think straight! So this is the so-called lucky sukebe moment that I have heard so much about…… No, no, I’m not a pervert, okay!?

“Cough… clo-ugh…”

“Clothes? You are drenched indeed…… you have to take it off first……”

“Nonono, wait!! You need to wear clothes!! Dirk was confused, too!? Anyhow, don’t undress me! What do you want by undressing me!?”

In the midst of my own crisis, my breathing finally normalized. I shouted as hard as I could.

“Wear some clooootheees!! I can see! I can see everything that I shouldn’t be seeing!! And stop undressing meee!!”



Dirk and Jash reacted to my words by wrapping their towels around their waists in a swift, almost bullet-like motion.

“Don’t mind it, what relationship do we have, My Lord.”

Mind it!! You are the only one that doesn’t mind it, Geraldin-san! What kind of relationship do we have! Of course, I would mind it! Noooo!? Don’t come near me with that dangling thing!!

“Kyaaaaa!! Dirk! Dirk, save meee!! Waaaaah!! Diiiirk!! Diiirk!!”

I cried out in a half-crazed frenzy. No, I certainly feel troubled getting carried by a Dirk was wearing only a piece of towel! Migyaaaah!? His wet hair at close range was just too sexy! He’s so mighty for not freaking out while I was having a fullout outburst like this… not! No, I can’t think straight!


Dirk rubbed his cheek against mine while I was wailing in panic. Are you a savage!?

“…… You are so cute… what do I do?”

“Dirk-sama, Ojousama seems to be crying for real, so let’s put her down first… Ojousama… I will have a talk… a loooong talk with my Father. Please be at ease.”

“Eguh…… I will leave it to you.”

I just saw a Hannya behind Jash. The kind of one you can’t go against. But certainly, you should instruct him well. I seriously panicked and cried! Jash gave the hero a hand claw and dragged him away. Well, son… aren’t you becoming more and more crude with your father?



“Rosarin, so cute…”

“Sniff… Dirk, that was so scaryyy. I was frighteneed.”

“………… Yeah, there, there. It’s already fine.”




No, wait.




Right now,

I’m in a men’s bathhouse’s changing room,

with Dirk-sama wearing only one piece of a towel,




and sitting on his lap.

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