Chapter 276.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Sometimes fads are inexplicable.
“……… How old are you, by the way?”

“……… Sniff, I’m 17.”


He was younger than I expected. I thought he was around forty! He’s the same age as Dirk! I can’t see!
Dirk’s murderous spirit was gone as Frog apologized and started crying. We were led to Frog’s mansion because we didn’t want to stand around and talk.

The Frog’s mansion was elegantly furnished and lacked any of that second-generation rich feeling.

“I’m sorry for my outburst earlier.”

“No, well… I don’t mind.”

The Frog then began to tell his story. He had a mate, and one day he overheard the mate talking to her friend.

“I don’t like that fat, ugly, impersonal, unattractive pig! Our store is more prosperous, too!”

The Frog tried hard but could not lose weight. His father had died early, and he had his hands full running the store and making clothes. Then one day, he happened to meet a young man with an unusual accent. The young man taught him many quirky and innovative designs. The store became very prosperous.

However, the Frog, apparently named Kale-san, did not like the designs. His conflict still persists even after he became the purveyor to the royal palace. He also felt guilty because the design was given to him by someone else.

“… Hmm. Anyhow, you should talk to your mate directly. Also, why don’t you put your favorite design in the store, or better yet, build a separate store and sell it there?”

“… That’s rough.”

“Yes. But does it matter? I have done some work on humanization before, so I can help you out a little bit.”

The frog-faced Kale-san became a chubby young man after I let my magic power enter his body. He has quite a charming face. Kale-san cried and thanked me over and over again.

“By the way, what about the attempted high-pressure salesmanship and the harassment of the squirrels at their store?”

“High-pressure salesmanship… umm, I was desperate, to be honest, so I thought I hit a bull’s-eye… I don’t blame the knights for coming after me. Ermm… harassment, though?”

“………… N?”


Kale-san apparently did not know about the harassment.

“We were told by the squirrel lady that you are harassing them.”

Dirk supplemented the information.


Kale-san was shocked. The uncle thugs looked away. You guys are the culprits?

“B, but, that woman is cruel! Bocchan is definitely chubby, but his father died early, and he had a hard life! Moreover, he didn’t want to give us a hard time, so he did his best all alone… And yet, she called him a pig!”

“That’s right! Our Bocchan certainly is one clumsy guy, but he’s a hard worker!!”

“Ou! He might look unattractive, but he undoubtedly looks manly!!”


“… Is it okay for me to cry?”

“…… I think so. Uncles! Being oblique is important!! Although you meant no harm, this was not something you should say out loud!!”

Dirk was comforting Kale-san.

“Ah, by the way, the squirrel lady’s store has a peeing curse that will be cast on anyone who causes them harm.”

“That’s simply dreadful!”

“If you don’t want to wear diapers for life, you better not bother them again.”

The men shuddered as I smiled at them.
I was told that Kale-san’s mate was a daughter of Leane-san, the squirrel lady.

Later, I received a letter thanking me for making it work with Leane-san’s daughter. It seems that Leane-san’s daughter was a winsome tsundere, and when her friend teased her, she said something she didn’t mean. Now they have become so close that they’re even flapping with Kale-san’s belly together………… Wait!! What kind of relationship is that!? Kale-san, are you okay with that!? Is your relationship going well!?
Kale-san’s new clothes quickly became popular. They were displayed at Leane-san’s store, and he sent me a dress as a thank-you gift. It was a very pretty Wolfanea-flavor one-piece dresses, a bestseller at the store.

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