Chapter 276.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Sometimes, fads are inexplicable.
After enjoying a happy lunchtime, I went to pick up the charms I had ordered earlier.

“B, Boss! It’s those guys from earlier!”

“Wait up! Give me more time… more time to polish it!!”

“More time, you say… it has been thirty minutes alrea—”Shut up, don’t distract me!!”

The boy who seemed to be the apprentice got punched. T, that looked painful… he was rolling around in agony, not making a sound.

“A, are you okay?”

First, I healed him with magic.

“… The pain is… t, thank you very much. So you were a magician? That’s amazing, I have never see none before!”

“Well, more or less.”

“That’s good then. I changed the something a bit on my own, a magician would be able to make use of it.”

I received the charm from the Boss.


It was beautiful. Delicate gates with blue roses and ivy wrapped around them. In the center, each had a stone that looked like amber and purple crystal. Or rather, these stones were…

“Umm… aren’t these Tears of the Goddess?”

These were the rarest of the rare among magic stones. It was a rare stone that could be converted to all attributes of magic.

“Yes. I just happened to have it. It was made by splitting the same stone. The stones should attract each other.”

I handed one to Dirk, and we clicked the door charms into place.

“… What a wonderful pair.”

“Yes. I like it very much, Boss. Thank you very much. It’s wonderfully made, and I would like to pay you for the magic stones, too.”

“Oh… a man’s word is his bond. The magic stone is also a gift, so money is fine. But… yes. I like the design of the door. I’m not going to make ones exactly like these, but could I sell similar ones?”


So, in the end, I got it for free.


“… Made of the same magic stone… huh. Dirk, lend me yours for a bit.”



Receiving Dirk’s charm, I cast magic onto it.

(May you always be at the end of this door.)

“Alright. Dirk, these charms will tell us where the other one is and will transport us to each other.”

“That’s convenient.”

“I will be able to reunite with you even if I get lost.”

“… Let’s just not get lost in the first place, okay?”

“… Yes.”

I can’t deny that I have already gotten lost a few times before



“U, umm…”

Here came the Frog and his merry band of friends again. Um, Dirk is… does he want to die!? He’s a suicidal maniac! No, but he’s acting weird.

“I apologize. We won’t interfere with your date anymore. Please, take these.”

“… Handkerchiefs?”

They were matching handkerchief. Mine was lovely with lace and his was elegant with matching embroidered feathers.

“… They look exquisite.”

“T, thank you very much!”

The Frog was delighted.

“And so, why are you suddenly gifting us these?”

“… Ojousama, even though we wronged you, unjustifiably resented you, and chased you around, you calmed your raging mate and saved us from being killed.”

“Haah. So I was right?”

“… Yes. I’m the one… who understands that our store has poor fashion sense the most! U… ugh… waaaaaaah.”


The uncle thugs looked at the Frog with heartbreak. Rather, don’t come over just to wail. N? Looking carefully, isn’t this Frog……… actually quite young?

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