Chapter 275.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Fortune Telling and Frog
“I’m happy seeing you eat so delightfully.”

“… Is that so?”

“Yes. It makes me glad I made it. I’m just happy seeing you laugh, but in comparison, seeing you eating the meals I makes me even happier. I love it when you eat so delightfully.”

“… A, au…… Rosarin, just what should I do? I, if you tell me things like this, I won’t be able to taste the food you made…”

Dirk turned bright red down his neck. No, even if you ask me…

“I like to spoil and pamper you, and I want to tease you occasionally. I also want to get spoiled myself once in a while.”

“There’ no need for the teasing, right!?”

“It’s my life’s work.”

“Change it right this instant!”

“Even though you are happy getting teased.”

“Ugh………… once in a while, okay?”

He replied positively while blushing. How cute…

“I heard you. Here, say ahh~”

“… Delish…!?”

“Fufu… thank you for the meal.”

I kissed him unexpectedly. Dirk turned bright red as he chewed.


Immediately after Dirk swallowed the rice in his mouth, my vision flipped.


H, have I gone too far!? I got pushed down!! No matter that there are no people around, this is still outside, okay!? Moreover, I have not erected a barrier…


T, the kiss is too deep! I’m lo, losing strength… not good, not good, not good!

“Wa, wait…”

At least… at least the barrier…… however, Dirk licked his lips… how sexy… or not! He’s not listening.

“Rosarin, you are so cute…”


Nono, this is not good, okay! Although I was thinking that more than this wouldn’t be good, I had no time to erect a barrier. So, someone, save me! While thinking so…

“I finally found ya………!? W, what are you doing!? How indecent! S, so you were a lolicon!?”

Dear Frog, you saved me there, but you chose your words wrong!


Ah, Dirk snapped. To call him lolicon so nonchalantly… is bad! He might tear the Frog from limb to limb!

“S, save me! Wolfanea Mask, Wolfanea Shadow!!”

I am quite serious about asking for help. The Frog is in trouble! Help the Frog, not me! The thugs noticed that Dirk was acting strangely, and they were freaking out.

“T, they are not coming!?”

“Fuhahaha, they’re being held by those naughty brats! They must be having fun right now!”



Both of them are rather fond of children…as expected, they won’t be able to mercilessly shake off the children and come. Rather, please understand that it is you who is in danger, Frog!!

“Please don’t worry!”

“Wolfanea Shadow!?”

“…… I am not that popular with children, so I left them with fa… Wolfanea Mask.”

It was a very sad Wolfanea Shadow. M, my children are very fond of you, okay! They also like Geraldin-san because he can play roughly, but I know that they like you for your gentle demeanor towards them!

“I, it’s just difficult to understand your good qualities at first glance, Wolfanea Shadow! I’m always grateful to you, okay!”


“Take care of Mr. Frog and others! I will do something about Dirk myself!”


Frog and his thugs couldn’t comprehend.

“My mate has snapped because you have obstructed our flirty time! Run away if you don’t want to die! I would also like to avoid bloodbath on this day!”


The Frog and his thugs understood the situation and ran away at once. You are too slow! Read the mood earlier!

“…… Kill.”


“Hey! Dirk-sama!? Throwing knives is out of question!”

Jash protected the Frog and his thugs. He somehow managed to strike down the knife.



I, I’m forced to use my secret technique!!



“Dirk… I was also enjoying the date. I wanted you to enjoy this bent too, so I packed all the dishes that you particularly like… that’s why I want you to eat everything…… okay?”



The effect was perfect (for the third time today).

I don’t care what you think, but Jash was also agonizing over how cute his Ojousama was… while staring at Dirk with jealousy. And inwardly, I was writhing in embarrassment over my spoiled tone of voice.
Dirk curled up and writhed on the ground. He was so happy. Let’s just make him forget about Frog.

“Dirk, say ahh~”

“A, ahh~”

“Is it good?”

“… Yeah.”

I smiled back at Dirk who was smiling bashfully.

“Dirk, I’m happy.”

“Yes… me too.”

Wolfanea Shadow who was able to read the mood disappeared, and we were able to spend our lunchtime happily.

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