Chapter 275.1

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Fortune Telling and Frog
The big sister seemed to find our answers interesting and gave us a ticket, saying that it was originally a prize for answering all the questions correctly. She told us that her sister was a famous fortune-teller, and she would give us priority without waiting in line.

“By the way, which one of you fell in love with the other first?”

“I did.”



“Dirk, I liked you before I even met you.”

“But, you can’t exactly say that was me, no? So, I was the first.”

“No! I first admired you and immediately fell in love with you after. I was appealing to you very passionately right from the start!”

“I, I, too!”

“Whoa, you guys really get along well, huh.”

The big sister laughed at us, which was somewhat embarrassing. We thanked her and said goodbye.


Since we got the ticket, we went to take a look at the place the big sister told us about…

“This is incredible, isn’t it?”

“… Do you want to go elsewhere?”

There was a long line. The line was as long as the line for the three big mountains at the bourgeoisie’s Mouse Land. Rosalia, who is fundamentally too timid, and the Japanese Ria were too unfeeling to go through the queue… I was thinking of going somewhere else, when a guide came and showed us the way.


There is a strange smell of incense being burned. A typical fortune-telling house. The design was mainly black and purple, with an image of a starry sky.

“Hello. What would you like to know?”

I wondered if she was a twin of the woman we had just met. They look exactly alike. There’s nothing I want her to tell me, though. But speaking of fortune-telling on a date…

“Please tell me if I’m compatible with him.”

“Okay. Mix the cards and think about what you want to know.”

Compatibility with Dirk… Compatibility with Dirk… I mixed it while thinking this. The cards were similar to Tarot.

“………… Oh my. Incredible… can you do it one more time?”

The sister then have me try again twice, but the cards were exactly the same. Dirk was anxious. Looking at the card, it doesn’t look like a bad result.

“Amazing… this is my first time seeing this! You guys are destined lovers! No matter what happens, you will be together and stay together! I have been a fortune-teller for a long time, and I’ve never seen anything like it. You are the best match I’ve ever seen!”

“Destined lovers…”

Dirk’s cheeks flushed like a maiden’s. I’m happy for you. I’m happy myself, too.

“Oh, but there are hints of differences and misunderstandings in the future. It’s important to talk things out. For the sake of the other person, too.”

“Okay, I understand.”

“… Would you like me to read your futures as well?”


“… I don’t mind, but…”

Wouldn’t it be impossible? While thinking so, Dirk mixed the cards.


“… That’s.”

“Oh, as I thought.”

The sister paled, Dirk was surprised, and it went exactly as I thought.



All the cards were completely black. I don’t know if the cards are enchanted or if she possesses a Revelation, but it would be impossible to foresee or predict the future for those of us who are involved with Evil.

“This means that it is impossible to divine?”

I picked up a black card and flickered it around in my hand.

“Yes… that’s right. It’s not possible for me to foresee.”

“Dirk, it will be fine. It’s probably the same reason why Rosalia is not being able to predict the future. Besides, no matter what happens, I’ll get the future I desire.”

I smiled at the anxious Dirk.

“… Right. That’s what we are working towards.”

We spontaneously took each other’s hands and joined our foreheads together.

“We will be okay.”
“Together, we will do just fine.”

Our overlapping voices made me smile.

“Yes. Just because you can’t predict it, doesn’t mean your future will not be full of happiness. Here you go.”

The sister handed us beautiful cards.

“It’s a happiness charm. It is said to purge bad things.”

I took one talisman(?) for me and one for Dirk, thanked her, and left her.



The time was just right, so Dirk and I had lunch. We laid out a sheet on the grass in the town park and prepared our lunches. I was secretly touched by Dirk’s casual assistance… and all was ready!

“Dirk, say ahh~”

As usual, I fed Dirk in his lap.

“Rosarin, say ahh~”

Maybe it’s because there was no one else in the park, but Dirk was all flirty with me. Wow… so happy! The bliss of watching Dirk happily eat his food up close… it was worth the effort I put in all morning!

“Rosarin’s food…”

Dirk was chewing on his food in a bliss. It’s no exaggeration to say that… I live for moments like this.

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