Chapter 274.2

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Charm and couples only.
“What is young lady’s favorite food?”

Rosarin’s answer➡Rice
Dirk’s answer➡Rice

“Young lady’s favorite place?”

Rosarin’s answer➡Shade of the tree house
Dirk’s answer➡Shade of the tree house

“Young lady’s treasured item?”

Rosarin’s answer➡Engagement ring
Dirk’s answer➡Engagement ring

“What does the Young lady like about her boyfriend?”

Rosarin’s answer➡Everything
Dirk’s answer➡The fluff?

“Young lady… that would be difficult to guess…”

“But… I can’t choose! He’s so striking inside and out! Dirk has so many good points that I could go three days and three nights talking about him!”

“……… I see. You are being loved, aren’t you…”


The sexy sister gave me a lukewarm gaze, but Dirk seemed happy, so it was all good.

“Where did Young lady first met her boyfriend?”

Rosarin’s answer➡Knights Order’s practice grounds
Dirk’s answer➡Knights Order’s practice grounds

“Next will be questions about the boyfriend.”

“What is your boyfriend’s favorite color?”

Rosarin’s answer➡Blue, black, purple
Dirk’s answer➡Blue, black, purple

N? These colors are……… me?

“… Dirk, do you like my colors?”

“……………… Yeah.”

I love that embarrassed gesture with his hand over his mouth. I’ll definitely give you a kiss later!


“…… Yeah, let’s leave it for when we are done, okay?”

“”Excuse us.””

To, more or less, wait for us to be done, this big sister is a good person.

“What’s your boyfriend’s least favorite food?”

Rosarin’s answer➡Pickles
Dirk’s answer➡Pickles

“Boyfriend’s hobby?”

Rosarin’s answer➡Reading
Dirk’s answer➡Looking for things that will suit Rosarin

“Mr. Dirk, that’s the first time I’m hearing about this.”

“Well, it used to be reading in the past, but lately my hobby is looking for things that would suit you.”

“In other words… your hobby is me.”

“……………… Maybe.”

“By the way, my hobby also was reading a long time ago, but now it’s Dirk. Observing you, loving you, and occasionally teasing you.”


“There’s no need for the last one, right!?”

“Hey… pfft.”

The big sister’s face cramped… or not. She exploded in laughter. Well… yeah.

“Hah~ that made me laugh… sorry. What is a cute point of the Young lady?”

Rosarin’s answer➡I’m not cute
Dirk’s answer➡Everything

“… Dirk, I don’t think I have any cute points.”

“No, you are always cute! Just now, you awkwardly and cutely said that you have no cute points, which was pretty cute! Rather, you are so cute I wanna kiss y—”And the last question.”

The big sister interrupted, yeah… my heart was about to stop, so good job, big sis!

“What does your boyfriend like about you?”

Rosarin’s answer➡My nosiness?
Dirk’s answer➡Everything

“Mr. Dirk, you never told me.”

“I love you inside out.”

“……………… T, thank you.”

He straight-balled it… stop being so direct!! My heart is not keeping up! A, awawawawa! S, someone, save me!

“I found ya guys! How dare you do that to me earlier!”

Here came the frog and his thugs who I feel like should have give up for good. Umm… old man, when are you going to give up?

“Kyaa~ Wolfanea Mask, Wolfanea Shadow, save me~!”

I couldn’t help but shout. Oh my? Are they not coming?

“Tough luck for ya! Those guys are still helping some unsteady old men!”



“What about the old! They were moving so slow!”

“We carried them.”

The old people were having trouble with their heavy luggage, so it seems that they carried the old people with them. That’s a muscly idea!

“Shiet! So there was this way of handling it! Gyaaaaa, don’t comee!!”


“Waaaaaah! Remember this!!”

The frog ran away after being chased by Wolfanea Mask & Shadow.

“1, 2, 3… and I forgot!”

“… What was that about?”

The big sister was dazed by the sudden development.

“I don’t know, but that was the frog and his thugs who are trying to cause trouble around and the passing-by righteous heroes, the Wolfanea Mask and Wolfanea Shadow.”

“…………… I see.”

The big sister gave me a distant look. I’m sorry. I’m mainly sorry about my kids.

Thank you, Wolfanea Mask! Thank you, Wolfanea Shadow! At any rate, please make sure the frog doesn’t come out again! That was the reminder I sent.

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