Chapter 274.1

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Charm and couples only.
In Wolfanea, the pair mates are not always necessarily close in age, so it is nice to be seen as lovers, partly because of the effect of the ribbon on my arm. In Christia, we often get mistaken for brother and sister… or if we are not, we treated as a lady and her squire… Dirk and I are both very happy.

“Oh! Niichan, what a cute girlfriend ya have there! How about it? Why don’t ya buy your cute girlfriend a present to make her madly fall in love with ya!”

“Madly in love……… Rosarin…”

Dirk looked embarrassed, but seemed to want to take a look.

“Wanna take a look? I’m already madly in love with you, though.”

“!!…………… Cute indeed… the one madly in love is me, though…!”

I was a little embarrassed that I said such a stupid line, but then Dirk crumbled.

The effect was perfect (for the second time today).

“Let’s go?”

The uncle at the stall was giving us a warm look, so I pulled on Dirk’s hand.

“Ohh, you guys have matching ribbons? What about this then?”

He showed us a pair of necklaces with split hearts. Hmm, it’s cute, but…

“I would rather have a charm than a necklace, I think…”

I would rather use it on a regular basis, but I usually wear my ring as a necklace, so I don’t lose it. I think attaching it to my bag would be good, so I could use it daily…


I drew a drawing of a ball chain and a keychain and showed it to the uncle.

“… Hmm……… can do that! Alright, Jouchan! Give me this drawing and I will make it for ya for free!”

“Haah, I don’t really mind…”

The uncle seemed to be enjoying himself. When I obediently handed it over to him, it was the time to decide the motif. I don’t like the one with the split heart. It gives off the vibes of unrequited love. Key and a lock… no, if possible, I would like matching ones.



Door… yeah, door sounds good.



Rin, who comes from another world.
Rosalia, who was confined in her dreams.
Dirk, who had resigned to his circumstances.

I felt they were suitable for “us”. Dirk’s amber eyes. Add in purple crystal for my eyes… and you have two sets of doors. Mine is amber, and Dirk’s is purple crystal. A delicate structure that forms a door only when combined. I scribbled down the design I had in mind on a piece of paper and showed it to the uncle.

“This is… nice. Give me three… no, two hours! I will make something you will be satisfied with! Oi! Watch the stall!”

“Eh!? Boss!?”

A young boy was left behind. I wonder if this apprentice… is an air head?


“Ah, err… is there anything else you wike?”


He bit his tongue. The boy bit his tongue so hard that he turned red and had teary eyes.

“Ah, erm… something else………… Rosarin, this.”


Trying to change the mood, the gentle Dirk seemed to find something and pointed to it.


A silvery shining… cactus. And on its back were angelic wings………

Non, non, calm down Rosarin. Be cool! Be cool!

“T, this is?”

I pointed to the silver cactus with a trembling hand.

“The other day, Boss got drunk and said he saw a rainbow-colored cactus in the forest, so he made these. I don’t know what he’s going to do with them since no one is buyi——”
“I will buy it.”

“……… Huh?”

“I will buy everything you have.”

On the inside, I started to panicking. I was being watched! Sabo-san was watching me!! Anyhow, I got three Sabo-san pendants for now, so I will give them to Sabo-san, Milfi, and Cidar-kun.

“P, pleasure doing business with you…”

The boy was surprised by my menacing look, but as expected of a businessman. He wrapped them up quickly.




“That startled me.”


Dirk and I walked hand in hand. The uncle said two hours, so we went wandering around.

“Oh my, what an adorable couple. How about participating in a couples only game?”

“Couples only…”

We were approached by a sexy lizard(?) lady. Dirk was appealing me with his eyes, wanting to participate. I don’t mind, we have time. So we decided to join.
We paid in advance and were told that we would receive prizes depending on the number of correct answers.

“First, you have to answer about the young lady.”

The questions were about me first.

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