Chapter 273

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Date and interruptions.
All that was left was to buy matching ribbons, but I was concerned about the store’s shabby appearance. The golem-making technique… I wonder if I could clean it up by using it?

“Umm, can I try casting magic on the store? I just want to tweak the exterior a little bit.”

“Eh? Go ahead.”

The squirrel auntie gave me permission, so let’s experiment! I envisioned a Christia-style boutique that was a little more girlish-chic than Miss Butterfly’s store.

(Wings of creation, flap your wings.)

H, uh? It’s just like I imagined it would be… When I opened the door, I heard a light bell ringing. Yeah… I’m awesome! Well, the window open properly, it locks, and it has shutters! The store was originally a Wolfanean style, but… it has no resemblance! I’m breaking out in a cold sweat! The squirrel auntie, Leane, was frozen in place, and the squirrel boy… Lilias, was the same. Dirk is also surprised.

“Wonderful! This is just so wonderful, Ojousama! Thank you, thank you so much!”

Leane-san, who was the first one to break the rigidity, thanked me with sparkles in her eyes.

“T, thanks…”

“It’s nothing. Ah, if you want to thank me, then I would like a matching ribbon with our colors on it.”

“Leave it to me! I will make you the best one!”

Leane-san brought out a ribbon with a delicate gradation of colors: blue, purple and black.


We liked it at first sight and tied it around each other’s wrist.


Dirk was also in a good mood.

“By the way, are you getting harassed by that store?”

“That’s right! That frog bastard!”

It seems that he is harassing this store, his business rival.


So, after parting with Leane-san, I cast a curse on the store.



“Dirk, say ahh~”

“Ro, rosarin… hamm… bliss…”

Mr. Dirk? Mr. Dirk? I’m sorry for getting excited with Leane-san earlier. But the date has just begun. We were currently eating a cake while flirting at a café that Leane-san recommended for dates. There were seats for couples in this store, and I was enjoying sweets while being hugged by Dirk.

“Dirk, do it to me as well!”

“S, say ahh~”

“Delicious! Ehehe.”

“Rosarin, you look so cute in that dress… and your hair… was it called a bun?”

As a service, Leane-san tied my hair into a bun and decorated it with flowers.

“You look great, too. Looking very cool. The clothes you were wearing earlier also looked good, but I think Wolfanean clothes look on you the best.”


Dirk smiled gently while embarrassed.

“T, thank you. I’m happy when you say that I’m cool. By the way, the clothes I was wearing earlier were prepared by Jash-san. He told me to wear it because it would make you happy. He also did my hair.”

Let’s praise Jash later. He did a great job.

When we left the café, Frog and his lackeys were outside again.

“… Hello?”

“How dare you do that to me earlier!”

“I just called for help. I didn’t do anything.”



It became quiet. Well, that Wolfanea Mask and Shadow were Geraldin-san and Jash’s who were our guards for the day, but they probably wanted to use the magic tools because it would be troublesome if their true identities were discovered. So, technically, you could say it was my doing, but they wouldn’t know unless I tell them.

“By the way, why didn’t you get arrested?”

“We paid off the bail.”

A hoodlum answered. Oh, that’s the uncle who reacted when I said that the leopard print didn’t suit me.

“Fool, shut up!”

The frog silenced him. I see. I get it now. But I didn’t want to deal with them, so I shouted. The fact that it worked was still quite entertaining.

“Kyaa~! Wolfanea Mask! Wolfanea Shadow! Save mee!”

“Wahahahaha! Here!”

“…… No mercy from the shadows. Prepare yourselves.”

The frog and his lackeys were once again captured by Wolfanea Mask & Shadow. Their performance… or rather, Wolfanea Mask’s flashy way of fighting makes him quite popular. The Wolfanea Shadow was a bit depressed.

“Thank you, Wolfanea Shadow.”

“… Ojousama…”

“My Lord, what about me?”

You are being cheered on by the crowd.

“Nope. The only reason there’s no damage to the surrounding area is because of Wolfanea Shadow, and you have the crowd cheering for you anyway.”


H, hey! You are an uncle in the prime of his age, so don’t make sad noises with your ears and tail wagging! I, it’s not going to work on me!

“Kyu~n… kyu~n.”

W, won’t work on me…

“… Thank you, Wolfanea Mask. You fought wonderfully.”


The simple old man was in a good mood and dragged the frog and his lackeys away again.

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